Avatar in the 80′s

Every time people talk about the anti-white movie Avatar, I remember another movie from decades ago, The Emerald Forest. Here’s the summary from Wikipedia:

Bill Markham is an engineer who has moved to Brazil with his family to complete the construction of a large hydro-electric dam. The construction requires large areas of forest to be cleared, even more to be flooded. Its completion will bring more people to the areas who will clear the jungle for agriculture and living space.

Markham takes his family to the edge of the forest for a picnic to show them the jungle. It is then that an Indian from one of the indigenous tribes known as the Invisible People notices his son, Tommy, aged seven, has bright green eyes the colour of the forest. The tribesman decides that it is unfair to leave the child with these strange people, who, in his opinion, are destroying the world. He abducts the child. Markham pursues them, but his son is gone.

The story jumps ahead some ten years. The dam is nearing completion. Tommy, or Tommé as he is now called, has become part of the tribe that he lives with, adopting their language, culture and way of life. His father finds him but discovers that he is not the son he once had.

Tommé’s tribe is later threatened by another, as well as by the near completion of the dam. Markham decides to help his son so that the way of life he has adopted is not destroyed.

Well, this just has all the ingredients. These cave men kidnap an innocent white child, breaking the hearts of the boy’s white parents, and they get a pass because white people are evil anyway. The white man whose son was stolen from him masochistically betrays his own people and employers in favor of the people who wrecked his and his son’s lives.

Wikipedia says the movie “examines the fact that a way of living which was natural to human beings for many thousands of years is also being destroyed.”

I notice that none of the many admirers of this disgusting movie have moved to the jungle. Listen, people, there’s a reason we stopped living in caves once we figured out how to do better. At least, white people did. Maybe that’s because brown people are so much purer than white people. Or maybe they just weren’t smart enough to figure out how to get out of the caves. Naaaah, that couldn’t be it, we all know that nature was careful to make sure that all people are completely equal to each other. Nature’s really considerate that way.

Another little touch: despite the Boasian lies about how primitive tribes are “egalitarian”, some women just might notice that life without electric stoves, birth control, or morphine during childbirth isn’t all that great for us. Not to mention that primitive men, especially brown ones, aren’t exactly known for treating women well. So they put in a revisionist touch to reassure the white feminists watching the movie. There’s a scene where Tommy goes to the tribe next door to marry his cavegirl sweetheart. The “wedding ceremony”, which I’m guessing was taken from actual tribal customs, goes like this: he goes into her father’s teepee and drags her out, saying, “Come with me and tend my fire!” She resists, saying, “No! I tend my father’s fire!” Then he hits her on the head with a club, knocking her unconscious, and carries her into the jungle to have sex with her. (“Have sex” is probably a euphemism here.)

So when Tommy goes to whack his cavegirlfriend with the club, he hesitates and can’t do it. She gives him an annoyed look and says, “No, do it right.” So he whacks her and carries her off and they have hot jungle sex. Because, you know, the tradition of rendering the bride unconscious and helpless couldn’t possibly mean anything real, even for cavemen; surely it had to be symbolic!

Back to the movie: the tribe of cavemen decide to cast a magic spell to destroy the dam. Tommy tells his real father about their big plan. The white engineer repays the savages who stole his child from him and ruined the child’s life by planting explosives in the dam, allowing the savages to believe that their voodoo has worked against western (white) technology.

And of course, this diatribe against white people and technology was recorded on 8MM film by a bunch of educated pampered white liberals.

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