TV shows erode the white community

Not that that’s news. But I sometimes watch White Collar, and I just turned on the tv to the channel it’s on, in time to see the last few minutes of some cop show, I think it’s Law & Order. I’ve read threads on race realist blogs criticizing that site for basing their stories on real cases but reversing the races, so that they take a real life case of a black woman falsely accusing a white man of rape and getting caught and change it to a white woman falsely accusing a black man of rape, stuff like that.

This one isn’t that blatant, and it’s similar to so many shows I’ve seen, but I didn’t used to think about this critically. Here’s what happens:

The (white female) cop succeeded in bringing a white serial rapist to justice by finding his first victim. She was his fiancee. She tearfully relates her story: they were engaged, the ring was on her finger, one day they had a date that he had promised her would be a “special night”, but when he got her alone he raped her repeatedly, and they implied that he also beat her up pretty bad. (It was probably made clear earlier in the show.)

It’s supposed to be scary because anyone could be the bad guy. We’re always intrigued by stories about the nice guy everyone liked who turned out to be a mass murderer.

And it does happen, but really, how often? How many women get brutalized and raped by their fiances? Not many. Very, very, very few. How many white women get raped by white men who they know? Not nearly as many as get raped by nonwhite men they don’t know.

But the lesson they’re hoping we’ll take away from this – I mean the people who originated this kind of story in mainstream tv, not every hack who bangs out these scripts according to the formula – is that we are never safe, even the people we love and trust the most could suddenly, randomly turn out to be monsters. And at some level, people accept this and believe it.

And if our fiances or neighbors or nannies could suddenly turn out to be psychopaths, this means that we can’t trust our white friends and relatives any more than we can trust black and Latino hoodlums we pass on the street.

They did this story because it scares people to think someone they know could be a monster. But the truth, that white people are being ordered and brainwashed into trusting savages, and by the very people we ought to be able to trust the most, the ones who are duty bound to protect us – that is infinitely scarier.

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