Why don’t they ever get that it goes both ways?

I just saw a blog post where someone had a photo of anti-gay marriage picketers as an example of the danger of being sure that you are right and the other guys are wrong.

Does she not realize there have also been picketers demanding assorted gay rights? Or integration? Or votes for women? Or all sorts of other things I’m sure she’s in favor of?

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2 Responses to Why don’t they ever get that it goes both ways?

  1. Ha, I’ve wondered the same thing myself.

    Glad you’re back. You’re looking quite prolific these days. I’ll try to get caught up but if my ten-month-old son starts bawling, the computer takes a back seat. 🙂 My wife and I have a “contemporary” marriage, which means we have staggered our work schedules so we never see each other. *sniff*

    I’m reading Save the Males by one of your people (i.e. a woman).

    • I’m not really prolific, I’m just re-posting everything from my old blog, a few posts a day. Glad to hear you have a lil’un now. And while I haven’t read Save The Males, from what I’ve heard about it I approve.

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