Fire and Ice

This is one of my currently rare posts that isn’t a republication of something from my old blog.

I just bought the DVD of the animated movie Fire and Ice from 1983. I rented it on VHS years ago, long before I became racially aware. A couple of years ago, I looked it up when a pro-White blog I was reading (I don’t remember which one) posted about it, saying that nowadays no movie this pro-White could get made.

They’re probably right. The good guys are white – the hero is blond – and while the villains’ minions don’t look much like any real race, they are dark and ugly and simian looking – the makers might have been thinking of Neanderthals or Homo erectus when they designed them. The lead villains have lavender skin.

This movie will be popular with those who like the animated movie Heavy Metal. The animation isn’t very impressive compared to, say, Disney’s movies, but it’s much better than the average Saturday morning cartoon. It’s also kind of humorous how the heroine wears a bikini throughout the movie, even when there’s snow on the ground. I think the hero spends the whole movie in a loincloth, too.

Netflix has this movie, and someone uploaded the entire thing in installments to youtube – I don’t actually know if it’s still up there. I recommend it.

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One Response to Fire and Ice

  1. destructure says:

    Check out Bonfire of the Vanities (1990). I wouldn’t call it pro-white as much as just… I don’t know. It’s just a very interesting movie.

    PS: You might add a widget to display recent comments. That way people can see where the discussions are taking place without having to look back through every post.

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