Tolerating our allies

About Christianity and the white race: Tolerating our allies

There is also a vociferous faction I’ve encountered here and there on the Internet which insists that ‘we’ must return to the pre-Christian ‘gods’ or fail. Apparently, only the pre-Christian ‘gods’ have the mojo to protect us against our enemies. As I’ve asked, though, do we pick and choose religions based on their perceived usefulness to us? Or is there a little thing called Truth that matters more? There is a God or there is not; if there is, he exists independently of our ackknowledgement of him, and we ignore him to our own detriment if he exists. And if he exists, our job is to know him as he is, and to seek his will, not to assert our own will against him. We can’t simply invent ‘gods’ to our own specifications; if we do, they are only something like ‘genies’ in the fairytales, who answer to our bidding.

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