I have a White American friend who’s just married a White Australian. You wouldn’t believe the hoops they’re having to jump through. They keep having to fill out huge piles of forms asking intrusive questions, go to the embassy and various government offices to answer questions, and they’ve had to pay huge fees, thousands of dollars. All this so that a White American can live under the same roof as the White Australian he’s honorably married.

They cannot possibly put all those people from Africa and South America and God knows where else through all this.

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2 Responses to Immigration

  1. Australians are weird. They all speak Kangaroo and eat Kiwis for breakfast. Also they walk upside down. No wonder the Immigration and Americanization Service is giving them a hard time.

    Some good old red-blooded Arabs, that’s what we need. Honor killing is something the average American like John Wayne could get behind.

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