just a thot

So, I belong to this local group, and one of the members who makes tons of posts to the mailing list and bulletin board and so on is black. Well, from her appearance, I guess she’s “bi-racial”, but anyway. I was logged onto gmail just now and she saw I was on and messaged me. I don’t usually chat with people on gmail but I’m polite so I answered.

OK, I have chatted with a LOT of internet friends over the years, and I think all of them were white. I didn’t pick them that way, it’s just who I had common interests with. And despite all the tired jokes about chatspeak or whatever they call it, I have never encountered anyone who uses it. I mean, yes, they’ll use a few internet-era acronyms, like TTYL, but most of their IMs are written in normal English.

But this woman was using nothing but chatspeak. “UR”, “D8″, “Y i dont like it”, etc.

Then, apropos of nothing, she said,

more ideas need to be put out there

No context or anything. What kind of ideas? About what? Out where? So I asked for elucidation.

idk just a thot

Just a thought indeed.

Now I’ve got to figure out how to change my options so only people I want to talk to can see me online….

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