Sorry, libtards.

Liberals often remark that various things they see as problems, like “racism”, will get a lot better when all those pesky people old enough to remember a different world die off.

Not true.

Taboo-burdened observations on black America

White America has ceased to believe that she were responsible for black America’s troubles. She has ceased gradually but nonetheless, for a time was when she did believe. Another, middle time followed, during the late 1970s and through the 1980s, when she began to doubt, and thus when she obstinately erected a first-class taboo against the doubt. Today the taboo remains. The belief is quite dead.

I saw another article about this recently but I can’t find it now, about a survey that showed that young White people today no longer believe that racism holds back nonwhites, etc. The days of anti-racism having a stranglehold on the West are numbered.

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