Whenever there’s an internet discussion about allegedly racist depictions in fiction, a few white men always speak up and point out that it’s a no-win situation for them. If they portray a nonwhite or other “minority” in their fiction, they’ll get accused of racist stereotyping, no matter what they say. (Google “Elizabeth Bear racefail” for just one example.) If they leave them out, they’ll get accused of racistly ignoring other groups. Even though this is completely true, the only reply these guys ever get is being sneered at and shouted down. Just once I’d like to see some darky say, “Here is how you can portray one of us without causing offense.” It won’t happen; the offense is the point, it’s their racket and their gravy train.

I just came across an especially glaring example of this: The 9 Most Racist Disney Characters. Apparently Fantasia used to have a black centaur (with a mushmouf and all that) who acted as a servant to the other centaurs.

The deleted scenes can be found on youtube or at the bottom of this page.

In 1960 Disney expurgated this, leading this Cracked twerp to remark:

It was insulting enough for Disney to include the smiling servant stereotype to begin with, but, to make matters worse, they started categorically denying Sunflower’s existence with the Fantasia re-release in 1960. How does that possibly make things better? “No, you misunderstand. In our perfect, Fantasia world, Africans aren’t servants. They don’t fucking exist.”

Besides proving the point of these Angry White Men, this moron is missing something:

Go to 55 seconds in and there’s two black zebra centaurs from Fantasia, neither is a servant or mushmoufed.

And by the way, Netflix has a dvd called “Cartoon Crazys: Banned and Censored that has a lot of old cartoons, many of which have un-PC depictions of nonwhites. I recommend it.

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