Do Whites deserve a comeback?

I do have to ask myself: if we (White Westerners) were foolish enough to do this to our own civilization, do we really deserve to be saved from the collapse? Do we really deserve for our civilization to revive and survive?

I’ve said before that I hate White liberals, but White conservatives have given up most of what we had. We conceded liberal premises and principles long ago. Now most of us just want lower taxes. Okay, I’m being a little hard on our side; a lot of today’s conservatives really don’t understand the ways in which they’re giving in to the enemy, including on race. Their hearts are in the right place. But they’re not much helping to preserve our race. They don’t know how and they don’t realize just how much peril we’re in.

Sometimes I’m so angry at us, at the things we’ve done to each other, that I feel like we deserve what’s happening to us. What we’ve let happen to our schools, for instance. Does a people that sets out to systematically destroy its own young deserve a future?

But then, if we don’t fight to win our own race back, there’ll never be another da Vinci or Newton or Shakespeare.

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  1. destructure says:

    The problem is that we have a system that is structurally hostile to our interests. For example, a politician who doesn’t pander isn’t going to get elected. Ergo politicians pander. We have minorities who aren’t capable of achieving at the same level as others. Ergo politicians are going to pander to them specifically. Special business interests such as agriculture, construction & hospitality don’t need intelligent workers. They just needed warm bodies. Ergo special business interests will push for more immigration to drive down wages & drive down their labor costs. Anyone who doesn’t go along with this won’t get elected or will go out of business when their competitors undercut them. It’s the same with outsourcing. If a company doesn’t outsource and their competitors do then they’ll lose to their competitors. It’s not the fault of the people. It’s the fault of a fatally flawed system.

    By the way, I saw that you wrote a couple of posts on anti semitism. So I’ll touch on that. People will see Jews working within this system in influential positions and assume they’re the driving force behind it. And there is something to that in the sense that there are a lot of Jewish leftists. But then the psychology of groups comes into play. Someone who would look at Ted Kennedy and just see a political prostitute or look at Sean Penn and just see a nut will then look at their Jewish counterparts and see a conspiracy. Of course, it should be noted that the psychology of groups affects Jews as well. They’ll see evangelicals voting for the GOP and then turn around and vote against their own interests because they can’t stand to be on the same side with them.

    This is the best country we could ever hope to have. I doubt either our families ever had it this good anywhere else. But now we’re being destroyed by the same system that made this country great. Something needs to change.

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