What it will take

Lukewarm White Nationalism

Cold Equations explains why white people probably won’t wake up until it’s too late.

In Guy White’s post about the health care bill, there are some really excellent comments. A man named Mark posted a few very insightful comments that had everyone urging him to write a book:

Yeah it’s very depressing. I feel like I am going to be unfortunate enough to be in the generation of Americans who, in their old age, can remember when America was great and a great place to live, but who will then live their elderly, infirm years as a white minority in a country growing squalid with third-world brown people and their corruption and socialism. I’m going to be able to remember my childhood when I watched all the white men at Mission Control in Houston guide Apollo 11 to the moon, where white men first set foot, and then look out my window at age 85 and see the local gangs of black/brown/mulatto thugs roaming the streets, and find myself at the mercy of some Asian landlord who hates white people and an Indian doctor in the American National Health Care Service tell me the best he can do for me is a euthanasia shot.

And a woman named Kylie hit the nail on the head:

After much soul-searching and examination of my conscience, I can honestly say my loathing and anger is directed toward only one race, the white race–my own–and only one subset of that, progressives.

Yes. Learning the problems with nonwhites hasn’t made me hate them. I don’t. But I do hate white liberals, a lot. And the feeling is mutual.

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