Society puts white women where young black men can get at them

Teacher raped by 15-year-old pupil blames school for ‘putting her in the way of a rapist’

The rapist was named Dwayne Best. If the name leaves any doubt, the article includes a picture of him. Guess what race he is?

[Dwayne] Best also had the ‘most appalling’ documented history in and out of school, displaying a belligerent and aggressive attitude.

Speaking after the case, Miss X said she had decided to bring a civil case because she thought the school should be held to account for their failings.

‘They really failed. They let me down and I do hold them responsible for putting me in the way of a rapist.’

She said that the school had a duty of care to its employees under health and safety law which had not been followed.

It goes much further than the school, Miss X.

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