Hindus on skin color

A few months ago, another race realist blog posted an Indian commercial advertising a skin bleaching product. Now tonight I come across this:

Are Hindu Attitudes Towards Race Skin-Deep?
It’s high time for Hindus to renounce a holdover of the caste system: the belief that fair skin is better than dark skin.

The commercial began innocently enough: A pretty young Indian woman, dressed in a fine sari and jewels, meets a prospective suitor and his family. Then came the punch: He turns her down, and her mother offers her a tube of cream called Fair and Lovely. Flash forward to our new, improved heroine. Thanks, ostensibly, to Fair and Lovely, her skin is now noticeably lighter. She wins her prize-a handsome, also very fair, husband.

Becoming a race realist has had some unexpected effects on my day to day behavior. One is that I’ve started using sunscreen scrupulously. No one but me grasps the significance, but I do.

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