What Is To Be Done For The Shorter Term to Free Ourselves from the Tyranny of the NWO? By John “Birdman” Bryant

I don’t believe in the NWO – not as an organized movement controlled by a handful of people who are doing it on purpose, anyway – but I found this bit worth quoting:

While we have no hesitation in assigning to Organized Jewry the greater part of the responsibility for the attack on the West, this is not exactly the same as blaming, in the sense that the attack by Organized Jewry is stimulated at least in part on a (correct) perception of historical persecution of Jews by gentiles. It is not our purpose in this essay, however, to attempt the impossible task of allocating blame between whites and Jews for the behavior of each to the other; rather it is our belief that it is in the interest of ordinary Jews to help preserve the West, because — as we stated earlier — the West has permitted Jews to prosper as nowhere else, and indeed to rise to the highest pinnacles of power and prestige. Thus in my view the efforts of whites should be to seek an alliance with Jews on this basis, not merely because it is useful, but because — in view of modern-day Jewish wealth and power — it is essential if the West is to be saved.

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