Human nature transcends principles

I was just looking through the local newsweekly – I think every city of any size has one of those, they have a lot more information about local events you can attend than the regular paper does, so I always look for performances and classes and stuff I might want to go to.

I do my best to skip the articles, because they’re pretty much all very, very left-wing and PC, but occasionally a headline grabs my attention.

Like the one I just read. The author was complaining that the gay and lesbian bars in our city are segregated! That is, all the bars are primarily patronized by either black or white people. Anyone who goes to the “wrong” bar – a black queer who goes to one of the white bars or vice versa – is accepted with friendliness, but still no matter what bar you go to, there’s never an even mix or a mix that reflects the city’s demographics; it’s either almost all white or almost all black.

The author was all, We’ve transcended gender rules! We’ve defined our own relationships! Why aren’t we ahead of the curve on this too?

I could enlighten him, but of course I won’t.

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