Let’s make them be up front about it

I was just idly thinking about those Tea Partiers who are invoking Atlas Shrugged and wondering what it would take to make us really go on strike.

Suppose we could get a majority of white people to go on strike so that we didn’t make enough money for it to be worthwhile for Obama to rob us. Like the strikers in Atlas Shrugged, we could accept only jobs that paid just enough to keep ourselves alive. Or alternately, we could go on welfare, invoking whatever excuses the nonwhites on welfare do. Spawn a bunch of illegitimate (white) babies or something.

I’m not seriously suggesting we do this, obviously. I’m just amused at imagining the outraged reaction of blacks, Latinos, and Democrat politicians.

They would probably finally have to outlaw white people being on welfare and literally enslave us all – they’d be forced to be honest about what they’re up to.

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