Oh, brother.

It’s amazing how very tired of PC I’ve become. I mean, it makes me angry, but most of the time when it rears its ugly head I’m more bored.

I was just on a site that I follow for fun. A site where people go to talk about their hobbies. I just wanted some R&R while I wind down from the workday.

Well, someone on the forum had to go and use the slang expression “and if you don’t like it pass the blunt to the nigga on your left”. The post was made a few weeks ago, and as soon as I saw that I just cringed. Then started hitting the PGDN button, because anyone could predict what would happen and I saw no reason to plow through it all. I barely skimmed the various expressions of righteous indignation, or the tedious discussion of where the expression came from, but I still saw no fewer than three groveling apologies from the person who dared to use it.

They never get tired of policing the web, and the world, for someone somewhere saying something insensitive. These people will make excellent informants for the secret police.

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