The jobs Americans won’t do

That’s what they keep trotting out in defense of massive Third World immigration.

What they’re missing is the reason that (white) Americans won’t do these jobs. It’s because of who we’d have to associate with.

A few years ago, I had just moved and wanted to get a temporary job while I looked for a more permanent one. That is, I wanted to make a little money operating a cash register or something until I found a new respectable white-collar job. Well, I had to abandon the idea because every time I walked into a store or restaurant that was hiring, the staff was full of people I knew I couldn’t stand to be around. I would go into the places intending to fill out an application, but would see the staff being rude to each other and to customers, showing clear incompetence, letting the place get dirty, yelling at each other, telling off-color jokes, and generally being obnoxious. In one store, I simply asked where I could find some item and the clerk didn’t just answer, she asked a bunch of semi-personal questions about it. In another store, an employee came up to me and carried on about how expensive my purchases were. (They weren’t, but I was paying an extra $2 for a higher quality variety.) I knew I couldn’t stand to spend all day around people who were acting like this, so I wouldn’t apply.

I wasn’t a race realist then, so I didn’t put it in those terms, but most of the places that were hiring had mostly nonwhite staffs. The specific people I’m mentioning? Nonwhite.

Several years ago, I took a part time delivery job while I was in college, delivering stuff to businesses. I discovered that everybody I had to deal with in making my deliveries was incredibly rude to me, plus they all clearly expected me to be too dumb to come in out of the rain. Towards the end of my first day, the manager of a store I was delivering to, instead of just saying “Please put it right here” like any civilized person would, asked me a bunch of questions about myself and my life and what I was doing. I answered rather briefly and absently as I was paying attention to, you know, doing my job rather than to humoring some complete stranger who was bugging me with questions about stuff that was none of his business. Finally he said something like, “Most of the people who do this job are transients.”

So there you have it. I was just trying to do some honest work to make honest money, and in return I was treated like dirt because the other people who had done the same job were, apparently, incompetent. I was also mad because people who do honest work shouldn’t be dismissed as “transients” even if their job is low status, but that’s a common attitude these days, being contemptuous of people who do jobs that don’t involve sitting at a desk feeling important. I had to quit that job after just one week because I couldn’t take the nastiness I got at every stop.

Anyway, as you’ve all probably guessed, most of the other people who were delivering for that company weren’t white, and many were immigrants.

I should add that there are plenty of stores and restaurants that have very nice staffs that I would have been delighted to work with, but those weren’t hiring – of course, they have a low employee turnover! And yes, some of those places do have an ethnically varied staff – Whole Foods, for instance; the ones I’ve been in are all very well run and I can think of only one time when an employee at one was rude to me, and she didn’t mean to be.

Now, for a short time after college I lived in a semi-rural town near a military base. Most of the people who lived there were white, and there was also a significant number of American blacks, but the only immigrants I encountered were a few Asian girls who had married a Marine while he was stationed wherever they were from. Until I moved back to the big city, I did “menial” jobs like delivering pizza, and I had no problem with it. Yes, I had bigger hopes for the future, but I didn’t mind doing honest but dull work. In retrospect, I know that I could stand it because the town had a good class of people. Most of them were connected with the military, and military people tend to be honest and courteous – in fact, I was sometimes surprised at how courteous they were. Certainly nicer than anyone I went to school with, public or private, black or white.

But if I took a “menial” job in the large city I’m living in right now, I would be subject to all kinds of unpleasantness from co-workers, because they would mostly be lower-class nonwhites who don’t know any better, and from customers, because they’ve gotten used to dealing with lazy nonwhites who often don’t even speak English.

Send the Third Worlders back to the Third World and start demanding that nonwhites behave themselves again instead of indulging them because our ancestors enslaved their ancestors, and white Americans will be happy to do those menial jobs. We did them before all those people were imported, we’ll do them again.

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