We’re doomed.

Yes, I actually was naive enough to think that Obama’s stances on the issues and record were more important than his skin color. Ha, ha! Shows what I knew.

I knew that his fans supporters were excessively emotional about him, but I really didn’t expect the insane jubilation with which people responded to his election. I actually thought it shouldn’t be a big deal that we elected a black man, but boy was it.

And it will have worldwide repercussions in the form of unqualified or immoral black people being appointed to high office solely because of their color. Marion Barry is going to become a common type.

The Obama Syndrome

According to Le Figaro Nicolas Sarkozy acted quickly today to appoint a black prefect in the region of Alpes-de-Haute-Provence: an effort to show he is promoting diversity as best he can, though he cannot bring about the ardently wished-for election of a black president of France, unless he himself steps aside (ardently wished-for by some). Such is the so-called “Obama effect” in Europe: a flood of self-reproaches, and attempts to quickly make up for lost time.

In France the great beneficiaries are the blacks, to the consternation of other minority groups. Ironically, here in America, Barack Obama himself is quickly restoring to power as many white members of the Clinton administration as he can find.

I am aware that many sensible people believe that Obama’s election is not going to bring about the doom of civilization. These people are not taking into account side effects such as the above.

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