Worst House episode ever

I watched the House episode “Role Model”, original airdate April 12, 2005. And I hated it. Not only did it do the usual liberal lies about racism, it destroyed House’s character – thankfully, only for one episode.

It’s about a black Senator. Who is planning to run for President. Again, this was aired in 2005. He collapses and is taken to the hospital, no one can figure out what’s wrong, they dump him in House’s lap. About the middle of the episode, the symptoms and tests seem to indicate that the Senator has AIDS. When the doctors tell him this, he insists it’s impossible, then says that they will do the AIDS test for him under a fake name.

House says, “You’re afraid word will leak out. Trust me, you’re not going to become President either way. They don’t call it the White House because of the paint job.”

Then later, Foreman, the black doctor, is talking to the Senator:

Senator: Patients lie. Politicians lie more. And black politicians–

Foreman: Whoa, I don’t think black politicians lie more than white politicians.

Senator: We lie less.

Foreman: You figure we’re morally superior?

Senator: I’ve got my theories. No, we, we just can’t get away with it. No one’s gonna gi-give us the benefit of the doubt. No one’s gonna cut us a second chance. And, and when it happens it’s not just a bad politician, it’s, it’s, it’s a bad role model, it’s a dis-discredit to the race.

Oh, yes. Our media and our electorate is soooo hard on black politicians! No black politician who was running for president would get cut any slack for even the tiniest lie! He couldn’t possibly lie about his background, his education, his religion, what country he was born in, his life story, his associations, or things he said a few months ago that aren’t going to play as well now!

Something else about that little speech: I bet a lot of clueless liberals believe something just like that. “He must be morally superior, he’s black! The newspapers and TV stations are all so terribly racist that they would never let any black politician get away with anything at all!”

The worst thing is, we’re then asked to believe that this noble idealistic politician inspired House so much that he bravely defied the corrupt billionaire who was funding the hospital he works in and exposed the mogul’s duplicity in marketing medications! Wasn’t enough to do all this reverse racism, they also had to make the star go out of character.

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