Then What?

I will get back to reposting my old entries, sorry I’ve missed the last few days. For tonight, I just wanted to share this:

Then What?

Imagine waking up to an America where black intellectual and cultural inferiority were an undeniable fact pressed into every mind, black, white and sundry, with ineluctable force.

Now what? You have a black population that faces a hopeless future of either blue-collar wage slavery or abject servitude with a tiny handful qualified for anything better. Even poor whites can hope their children do better.

I would disagree with the “hopeless future” part. The meaning of life is not to ascend the socioeconomic ladder and get a high-status job. Too, wage slavery doesn’t stop at the collar line (sorry). I am not a socialist, but I could see awareness of both the heritability and intractability of IQ differences becoming an argument for better wages, livable working conditions, etc. If some people have no realistic possibility of achieving “the American dream,” why make it impossible for them to make a living, albeit a modest one?

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