A few Englishwomen stand up for England

You’ve probably all heard about Emma West by now. If you haven’t, google her; she’s our very own Rosa Parks!

I just googled to see if there was more news about her arrest and found this:

More rail racist videos emerge online

The anti-English paper I’ve linked above refers to the foreigners as the “victims” of the ranters. Of course, we all know that it’s the other way around.

Let’s hope to see much more of this kind of thing!

ETA: There is a lot of heartening support for these brave women in the comments!

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2 Responses to A few Englishwomen stand up for England

  1. bob says:

    While I utterly understand her frustration, ans the UK has even worse immigration issues than us (I’ll take mexicans over muslims anyday), I don;t think Emma West makes a very good spokeman for the cause.

    PS: I found out about your blog from JewAmongYou and like it very much. I’m also a Jewish racial-realist.

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