You don’t know your friends as well as you think you do.

A casual friend of mine just posted this:

Small Ky. Church Votes Against Interracial Couples

LOUISVILLE, Ky. — A tiny all-white Appalachian church in rural Kentucky has voted to ban interracial couples from joining its flock, pitting members against each other in an argument over race.

Members at the Gulnare Free Will Baptist Church voted Sunday on the resolution, which says the church “does not condone interracial marriage.”

The church member who crafted the resolution, Melvin Thompson, said he is not racist and called the matter an “internal affair.”

“I am not racist. I will tell you that. I am not prejudiced against any race of people, have never in my lifetime spoke evil” about a race, said Thompson, the church’s former pastor who stepped down earlier this year. “That’s what this is being portrayed as, but it is not.”

Church secretary Dean Harville disagrees: He says the resolution came after his daughter visited the church this summer with her boyfriend from Africa.

Stella Harville and Ticha Chikuni – now her fiance – visited the church in June and Chikuni sang a song for the congregation. The two had visited the church before.

Dean Harville, the church’s secretary, said he was counting the church offering after a service in early August when he was approached by Thompson, who told him Harville’s daughter and her boyfriend were no longer allowed to sing at the church.

“If he’s not racist, what is this?” Harville said of Thompson.

That was a letdown. At first I thought that the person whose daughter was dating an African was the one who, understandably, introduced the ruling, but it turns out that the mudshark’s father is in favor of letting a darky use his daughter’s body and is terribly upset about this small gesture in defense of the white race.

My friend then declared that she doesn’t know anyone who would support this.

Of course, I couldn’t jump in and tell her, “Oh, yes, you do!” But you know, given how harsh are the penalties for expressing “racist” views, it’s amazing that so many people are complacent about having social circles pure of “racism”. Do they not realize that if anyone they know did disapprove of miscegenation, they couldn’t possibly come out and say so openly? Heck, my friend could well have dozens of race realist friends and not know it.

Any “anti-racist” whites who happen upon this, think about this: you probably have racist friends. Possibly lots of them. And until we have the freedom to openly love our race again, you won’t have any idea who they are.

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