A few assorted things

Several years ago, I used to own a book of reprints of items from the old Policeman’s Gazette. One item stuck in my mind: In the late 19th century, a white American woman was granted a divorce from a Chinese immigrant, on the grounds that he was abusive. The judge ruled that though she had made a foolish choice, she should not be forced to continue to endure the horrible results of that choice. IIRC, the article implied that lots of the white women who foolishly married Chinese men found that their husbands were abusive.

At the time, I immediately made the mental politically correct adjustments, telling myself that if the Chinaman really was abusive, it had nothing to do with their respective races, and that the assumption in the article that a white woman who marries outside of her race is asking for trouble was silly.

Of course, by now I’ve faced that interracial relationships often (not always, I admit it despite now being a race realist) have some unhealthy motives on both sides. I think the white partner often enjoys a subconscious feeling of superiority over the other, even if it’s suppressed. They enjoy knowing how generous they were, marrying someone “even though” s/he was black or whatever.

And reading race realist blogs has shown me that white women who marry outside their race, unless they marry smart nerdy Orientals (the Chinamen in the Policeman’s Gazette were lower class manual laborers), are very likely to end up murdered. This gives me a pretty good guess that a lot of such white women suffer lesser abuse that we never hear about because they don’t end up in a morgue or a hospital.

I wish this weren’t true, but the evidence is piling up.

Also, English-only speaking policy at Connecticut bookstore

A Connecticut bookstore is causing controversy over a new policy.

The Workers’ Rights Group says the Atticus bookstore and cafe near Yale is requiring employees to only speak English around customers.

Some customers find it offensive since the college campus has a diverse population.

In a statement, the store says the report about its policy is inaccurate, but didn’t elaborate.

The owner of Atticus also says they offer free English language classes to employees.

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