Attitudes on race alienate whites from each other

NOTE: This post was made on my old blog. So unfortunately the link to Mr. Derbyshire’s comment is dead.


I literally cannot tell any of my friends that I am a race realist. They really believe that all the races are equal, or so close that it makes no difference. I tested a couple with the massive (and much more confirmed by everyone’s personal experience) data about the inherent differences between the sexes, which mean that, for instance, there are a lot more men than women who are suited to certain jobs, and they just dismissed the overwhelming scientific data in favor of what they want to believe. And these are good people, smart people, who have been duped into the egalitarian fantasy. If many of the most moral and intelligent people have been taken in, what hope is there for a return to sanity?

Right now I’m having one of those alienating moments. None other than John Derbyshire has just commented on my blog! I have a friend over. I wish I could tell her and email my other buddies and have everyone congratulate me on being noticed by such a luminary.

But I can’t, because I can’t let them know about this blog. I mean, I could, but I spent a lot of my life without friends and I don’t intend to lose the ones I have now. So I have a choice between yet more loneliness after a life that’s been filled with it, or cowardice. I’ve chosen cowardice. I’ll probably feel guilty over it forever.

Thank you for commenting, though, Mr. Derbyshire. It made my day. Everyone will just have to wonder why I’m in such a good mood.

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3 Responses to Attitudes on race alienate whites from each other

  1. Surely, you must have a copy of his comment that you could re-post here.

  2. Reactionary_Konkvistador says:

    I’m glad someone has finally put this feeling into writing. I think it is for this reason that I find reading the accounts of intellectual dissidents living in say former Easter Europe or in say North Korea so appealing (in “Nothing to envy” I was deeply touched, not just by the extreme material want and suffering, but by the account one dissident university student looking the faces of others and repressing the impulse to stand up in class and yell at them “You know! You know the truth! You must know it as well!”, of how family members couldn’t trust each other and had to guess who is a true believer and who might have doubts, ect.)

    To disagree with the founding narrative of your own society is to step out of it.

    But we are not the only ones who stand on our own. And while some may be driven to madness in the void, going to places better not trod. I hope that one day, slowly, we may make a place of our own here.

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