Blame Whitey, Part II

I’m reading my father’s issue of Harper’s and remembering why I don’t subscribe to it myself. From cover to cover it’s just anti-white propaganda. Literally – you open the magazine and the very first page is taken up with this ad urging people to “think Indian”. “Help tribal college students preserve their way of thinking,” it urges, by donating to the American Indian College Fund. The last page is Shell Oil bragging about how they’re providing energy to the Japanese, and there’s a photo of a Japanese woman watching her three children playing.

The last article is titled “Findings” – it looks like it’s a regular feature. It’s just a bunch of one-sentence, unreferenced summaries of the results of recent studies. One of them: “Psychologists warned against drawing universal conclusions on the basis of research conducted in Western, Educated, Industrialized, Rich, and Democratic, or ‘WEIRD,’ countries.”

Actually, they’re right, but not how they think. This “WEIRD” acronym is obvious code for “White”, and no, other races aren’t going to think or react the way we do.

There’s also a review of an anti-white book called The History of White People written by a black academic. The review summarizes several American court cases (all pre-WWII) where it had to be determined whether someone was white or not. After citing a case in which someone proved himself white by presenting evidence of Portuguese ancestors to account for his swarthiness, a case in which a Japanese man was ruled not to be white, and a case in which an East Indian was ruled not to be white, the reviewer asserts, “Such cases demonstrate… as scholars have argued for decades, race is socially constructed rather than a scientific concept or timeless biological reality.”

…They do? Ruling that Portuguese people are white and Asians are not shows that?

The reviewer goes on with the usual claptrap, calling white supremacy a “present-day reality” and referring to Arthur R. Jensen, William Shockley, and Charles Murray as a “resurgence” of racist science. What planet are these liberals living on, anyway?

Finally, there’s an article called “Straight Man’s Burden: The American Roots of Uganda’s Anti-Gay Persecutions”. The Americans in question are Christian missionaries; there’s no evidence they’ve done more than tell Ugandans that homosexuality is a sin, and violent treatment of people who shirk their duties to spawn more taxpayers and laborers has been common throughout history, but so what? Africans commit atrocities, it’s the fault of Americans.

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