Muslim Youth Pride

“Untold” story of WW2 stirs Muslim youth pride

BIRMINGHAM, England (Reuters) – Taunted by racists as a
“Paki” and “terrorist,” Haroon bin Khaled spent his teenaged years
feeling rejected by mainstream Britain and increasingly drawn to al
Qaeda extremism.

See? It’s all the fault of those terrible racists that Muslims join
the al Qaeda or gangs. The solution is not for people to live in their
own countries, but for us whiteys to be nicer to the groups that are
murdering us.

But the young Muslim of Pakistani descent found an
unexpected answer to his alienation the day he heard the story of how
Muslim soldiers, many from what is now Pakistan, fought and died
alongside Britons against the Nazis in World War Two.

Well, I am glad about that, truly. What I’m not happy about is the attitude of this article.

That “difference” could be better community relations,
hurt in the years after the September11, 2001 attacks on the United
States and especially after four young British Islamists carried out
suicide bombings in London in July 2005, killing 52 people.

It could also help security by dissuading Muslim men from joining
the Taliban war against Western forces in Afghanistan, or from taking
part in attacks at home such as the London bombings or attacks in
Madrid in 2004 that killed 191 people.

Again: the solution is not for Muslims to stop committing mass
murder, or for Muslims to live in Muslim countries, but for us to be
nicer to them.

Another attendee was Sabeel Saddique, 19, who used to
watch videos of al Qaeda beheadings on his mobile phone for kicks and
still feels Britain does not fully accept him.

But now he’s sat through a history lesson and no longer enjoys
watching infidels being decapitated. Gosh, it was easy to fix that!

So how long can we expect white youths, taunted with words like
“Nazi” and “racist”, to refrain from joining the skinheads or the Klan?
Or can we expect a higher standard of behavior from white people?

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