Never let a crisis go to waste

What Next From Iceland’s Volcano? By MICHIO KAKU

The fact that humans are about 99.9% genetically identical could, according to one theory, be traced back to the Toba eruption in Indonesia roughly 70,000 years ago. That eruption might have killed off most of the human race, leaving only a few hundred of us to populate the planet. We might, therefore, owe our evolution and very existence to volcanoes.

“The fact that”? I don’t think so.

In the wake of this eruption, there is much to be done. We need a uniform and rigorous international policy to deal with these eruptions. The European Union was caught off guard. There was chaos and unnecessary confusion as nations scrambled by themselves to salvage whatever they could of their airline industry.

Volcanoes erupt sometimes, therefore we need to strengthen government and erode sovereignty in favor of larger unions.

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