No solutions

I still don’t see any real hope of solving the racial situation without major bloodshed, possibly a revolution, and who knows what else. And it won’t happen anytime soon, and I hate to think of how much of our culture we’ll lose in the process.

For one thing, most white people are genuinely blind to the fact that there’s a problem. I don’t just mean liberals, who are always in a fantasy world, or the journalists who twist the data to match what they want to be true. Good people are honestly convinced that the races are equal, or so nearly so that it doesn’t matter.

I had a long discussion with a friend of mine who I thought would be an ideal candidate for deprogramming. She’s a libertarian/conservative, is intelligently skeptical about the Republican Party, and is not in the least a conformist. I started with something a bit less inflammatory than race. Instead, I told her about the considerable evidence that women in combat is a bad idea. I told her about the overwhelmingly bad historical experiences of trying to implement it, the well documented (though often ignored) biological differences between the sexes that make us badly suited to it, and the embarrassing failures of female “soldiers”. My friend doesn’t even have a stake in this, as she has no desire to be a soldier.

After all this, with no evidence to counter mine, she just shrugged and said, “I think it depends on the individual.”

OK, so, maybe it’s that the libertarian in her can’t stomach judging anyone as anything other than a completely unique atomized individual. Still, after that I sure wasn’t going to try to convince her of HBD. But if even a highly intelligent individualist like her can’t even deal with a much less controversial detail of human biology, what hope do we have of convincing her that different races really should be separate?

It’ll require things getting much, much worse:

The accumulated per-capita financial and social capital of European countries are, by and large, so huge that there is a great deal of ‘slack’ in the system. By this I mean that a fairly substantial degradation of that capital can take place before things will really start to bite on a personal level. We can be sure, even given the atrocious game structure between Swedes and Somalis as outlined above, that the Swedish people, on average, still enjoy a very high standard of living, even interspersed as their lives may now be with the occasional to-them-inexplicable piece of ‘cultural enrichment’. The withdrawal of the franchise from hostile Muslim aliens is the last thing on their mental horizons. The losers of a string of zero-sum games though they may be, they have still not suffered enough to want to change the system.

By the time things get bad enough that enough white people are convinced, it’ll be way too late.

Another thing that has me discouraged is, of course, the antisemitism. I’m very grateful to Larry Auster, Guy White, and latte island for what they’ve done to prove that antisemitism is not a required component of race realism, but there’s still so much of it.

Usually I don’t read the race realist blogs that are also antisemitic, but this week I followed a link and did. There were some very insightful comments (about other issues) from a guy calling himself Trainspotter. Here’s a sample:

Lawyers & Sex Crimes: Further Thoughts on Covington’s Northwest Quartet

First, it is no policy or solution to postulate that when a white nationalist state is founded it will simply chase away or kill the homosexuals on its territory, for inevitably new homosexuals will appear (it does not matter whether by nature or nurture or both). Furthermore, these individuals will manifestly not be “one of them” (the anti-white ruling coalition) but “one of us” (a racially-conscious white person, raised in a racially homogenous and self-conscious society).

Mental illness is not a crime. If mentally ill people commit crimes, we punish the crimes, not the illness. Thus it would be inhuman to exile or kill our relatives simply because they suffer from manic depression or paranoia. It would be arbitrary to treat homosexuality any differently. If homosexuality is a mental illness, not a crime, then it should be treated as an illness. If it can be cured, then cure it. If it cannot be cured but can be lived with, then live with it. If it is genetically determined, then screen for it and try to decrease its representation in the next generation. (If homosexuality has a genetic component, then homosexuals should not be encouraged to “pass” as straight and pass on their genes to their children, but to live as homosexuals and take their genes out of the next generation.)

Very sensible. Remember I mentioned a few weeks ago that most white people don’t want to sign on to race realism because they have nonwhite friends and coworkers and they don’t want them treated badly? Same thing. In the past, racially conscious whites (back when that was normal) had gay relatives and friends, but they didn’t know it. Gays stayed closeted. People might have suspected their “confirmed bachelor brother” or “old maid aunt” was gay, but people just didn’t talk about it. Now sexual inclinations are being exploited for political purposes. Which is wrong, but for our purposes here, Trainspotter is right, people don’t want their relatives or the nice man who teaches their aerobics class to be locked up or executed or whatever they have in mind for being gay.

Southern Homeland

On the gay issue: There will always be white gays. Expel one group and you’re just going to get another with the next generation. I’m not terribly interested in a never ending witch-hunt, or wasting effort on intractable problems. What’s important, vitally important, is that we create a culture focused on preserving and perpetuating the tribe. That means families with children. The heterosexual family must therefore have the highest value in a society determined to preserve itself. White gays can and should understand this, as they benefit from living in a healthy society that is not decaying. So long as they accept this, I don’t see the problem. In such a healthy culture, tearing apart the white families that have a homosexual relative would serve little or no purpose other than to engender pain and resentment.

His stance on Jews is a reasonable one, if not the one I would prefer:

On the Jews: they already have their ethnostate. It’s called Israel. We want our own. Just as I don’t have the right to live in Israel, Jews would not have the right to live in my homeland. Fair is fair.

I believe in freedom of association, so I can’t deny anyone the right not to associate with Jews, or the right to do so if they wish – and I know a lot of white gentiles who aren’t excessively ideologized would find that there are plenty of benefits to having us around. Heck, they already do. (Matter of fact, when I became a race realist, I started using Jewishness to avoid affirmative action professionals when I couldn’t know someone’s ethnicity in advance. For example, a year ago I needed a specialist, but when I looked at the Yellow Pages ad for the practice, there was no way to tell which doctors were white. Black Americans have white names and an American descended from Spaniards (like my great-aunt’s late husband) has the same kind of last name as someone from a banana republic who’s been here for two years. So I just looked over the list and chose the first name that sounded Ashkenazi and asked for an appointment with him when I called. He did a great job.)

But most of the other people I read on these two sites and a couple of others were not so reasonable. A lot of these people claim to believe, with Senator Ernest Hollings and Cindy Sheehan, that Jews are in some mysterious way behind the war in Iraq and that Israel is somehow benefiting from it, they never specify how. They blithely ignore the fact that most American Jews, being Democrats, staunchly opposed the war on terror.

(There is a lot of speculation about why today’s Jews are mostly leftists, when left-wing antisemitism is so widespread and leftist principles are diametrically opposed to all the tenets of Judaism. My opinion is, we know that Democrats have the real power in this country and will eventually control it completely, and we’re hoping that if we show ourselves to be loyal supporters, we won’t be rounded up and exterminated or locked into ghettoes or anything this time. It’s futile; Democrats will throw us under the bus the minute they don’t need our campaign contributions anymore.)

I was also kind of baffled by how now and then these authors would feel the need to cite a Jew, such as Einstein or Isaac Asimov, and then would apologize for having cited a Jew, justifying it by saying how right this one Jew was about this one thing.

It reminded me of this vile antisemitic site which I am not going to link. I found out what it was several years ago. Then one day last year, I was looking for something and came across that site. I clicked before I realized what site it was, and on the page that loaded, as an example of the “white gentile ideal”, there was a drawing of Superman. You know, the character invented by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster. In fact, almost all the major superheroes were created by Jews: Bob Kane, Stan Lee, etc. (But we only did so in a devious effort to manipulate the heroic impulses of gentiles.)

What’s even more disgusting is, a fair number of HBD bloggers seem to admire Muslims. They have confused reasons for doing so. They have a vague idea that Muslims don’t like how tacky and oversexed Western popular culture is, and neither do they, so Muslims must be onto something, right? Also, Muslims are known to murder queers, and that’s sure something we can all get behind! A couple of times in such discussions I’ve pointed out that despite their habit of murdering homosexuals, Muslims have always been and still are enthusiastic practitioners of sodomy. (Ever wonder why Prince Vlad Tepes was so fixated on impaling people? He spent his adolescence in a Turkish prison. You don’t have to be Freud [if you’ll pardon me for citing a Jew] to figure that one out.)

So here we have this barbaric, violent culture of Islam. Their holy book says they should murder or subjugate all practitioners of other faiths – this would include Christians, Odinists, and atheists, people. In practice, they murder whatever random civilians happen to be in a skyscraper or a train station, not bothering to check whether they’re Jew or gentile, chaste or promiscuous, rich or poor, whatever, they’re all infidels. Their religion is completely unspiritual, their concept of the hereafter one of eternal fleshly indulgence (and they’re promised pretty young men in addition to the 72 virgins; it’s in the Koran, read it yourself). They treat their women worse than dogs, murdering them for such crimes as getting raped, going to school or speaking to a man who is not a relative. Throughout Europe, they commit horrific gang rapes and murders. Oriana Fallaci (not Jewish) reported that they perform waste functions on the stairs of historical monuments in Italy. It has been hundreds of years since they made any contribution of note to civilization, to the arts or sciences, and even those long-ago contributions are disputed. They are reproducing at appalling rates, subsidized by white Westerners. They state openly that they intend to enslave or murder all non-Muslims.

But hey, at least they kill queers! When they’re not sodomizing preteen boys themselves.

On the other hand, there’s Jews. We very rarely commit violent crimes. We make up a tiny fraction of the world’s population. We don’t go on welfare. We enter productive fields like medicine. Our contributions to science are all out of proportion to our miniscule numbers. One of us has actually become the symbol of scientific genius the world over. Another of us gave the world the polio vaccine. We win Nobel prizes and Olympic gold medals. We write comic books and Christmas carols and straighten your teeth and do your taxes. But there’s a few too many of us in cahoots with evil white gentile liberals in leadership positions in political groups and junk like that, so it must all be our fault.

This does not reflect well on WNs. They would rather have murderous semiliterate barbarians than productive citizens among them. This may itself be the doom of the white race. As one possible scenario, imagine these WNs in a hypothetical future war against NAMs and their white Quislings. Seeing that Muslims hate Jews and homosexuals and sleazy media, the WNs ally with them. When the dust settles, the WNs find themselves in dhimmitude – a far more oppressive system than Jim Crow ever was – to unwashed light brown barbarians. Two generations of raped daughters later and there are no white people left anywhere.

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8 Responses to No solutions

  1. jewamongyou says:

    This post is spot on. Still, we should never lose hope and keep fighting ’till the end. For the time being, we fight with words.

  2. Larry says:

    The only way to fight at this stage of the game is to target the anti-white system with a consistent message. The first link is the message; the second is how it works. Keep in mind that it’s not the details that matter, but the concept.

  3. rjp says:

    I still don’t see any real hope of solving the racial situation without major bloodshed, possibly a revolution, and who knows what else. And it won’t happen anytime soon, and I hate to think of how much of our culture we’ll lose in the process.

    You are spot on with the first sentence. There is going to be bloodshed. The welfare class is not going to give up what they “earn”. I think the first blood will be white blood (much worse than the current situation) and I wonder what level of losses of life will need to be achieved before there is revolt by a citizen militia against the system that will undoubtedly initially attempt to ghetto-ize (contain to an area) and protect them. And you are right about the loss of culture, there are going to be dramatic losses as many in their culture have no respect for anything, not even their own property. Museums will survive structurally, but the contents will get box-knifed, burned, smashed …..

  4. The admiration that some of the far “right” have for Moslems is based on the strange idea that if someone is also against something that I am against, they must be good. The far “right” manages to adopt far-left positions on a lot of things this way. And it works the other way around to an extent, one example being the love that Hollywood has for Confederates.

  5. John Smith says:

    Great Post. I think that white supremacists who are anti semitic aren’t truly race realist because they’re not willing to acknowledge the higher IQ of Jews.

  6. sdfd says:

    The NUMBER ONE problem whites have with jews is the major role they play in preventing us from limiting who we allow into our countries–whether this be Canda, Europe, Australia or the US. It seems wherever there is a white country, jews are at the forefront of the push to open the borders, implement multiculturalism. I could care less about israel, but so long as the rank stench of jewish hypocrisy permeates the Western world, I hope Iran nukes tel aviv the day after we elect a reconquitador President of the US.

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