The real reason

I’ve been reading Cambria Will Not Yield lately. The blogger is wrong about many things; indeed, his antisemitism is so brainless as to be an embarrassment to other antisemites. Once he declared that Jews and Muslims were “natural allies” (against Christianity and the White race), without troubling to explain why, in that case, Muslims have been trying to wipe us out since their religion began. It’s also pretty amusing, in an unfunny way, to hear him raving about how terrible Jews are and then declare that we have built a culture around hatred of Christianity/the White race. A certain Jew dubbed this phenomenon “projection”.

Still, his blog is a must-read for pro-whites. He understands how the anti-White White thinks.

Whether it be McCain’s vision of grateful Mexican peons licking his presidential feet or Pope John Paul II’s vision of happy, vital Africans kissing his pontifical ring, it is the same fantasy: A high, mucky-muck white liberal presides over large tribal hordes of colored men and women who have enough sense, unlike his fellow whites, to accord him the dignity and honor he deserves.

The Whiteman Unchained, Part II

That’s actually a perfect summary of Avatar and who knows how many other stupid anti-white movies.

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One Response to The real reason

  1. rjp says:

    I have never felt anti-Semitism in CWNY’s writing, but then I have only been reading a few months and have not gone back in the archives much. The message I feel CWNY is generally conveying is one that it is in the best interest of all in a culture (tribe, governmental region, etc) that all members be of a similar nature so that they will have similar values based on having had similar experiences and that all members will work together to preserve their culture.

    Or it could simply be that I don’t sense anti-Semitism because I am not Jewish.

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