White Season

White Season

In towns and cities across the country, many white people it seems, are ill at ease. Marginalised. Angry. And ignored.

A Newsnight poll surveying the attitudes of white Britain on a range
of issues from the economy, to crime and immigration, shows working
class people in particular, feel their lives have got tougher over the
past ten years.

As for the future, they see little sign of things getting any
better, with the majority of white working class people believing
no-one speaks for them in Britain any more.

For 92-year-old Sheila Bentley there’s no doubt that nobody speaks for people like her anymore.

She says she’s depressed by the unfairness of people from “outside”
– though she doesn’t specify immigrants at any stage – being given
houses that should belong to those born and bred here.

And she criticises a benefits system which doesn’t, she says, benefit people like her.

Is she hopeful about the future for the white working classes?
“There’s not much future for these little ones. I don’t know what the
world’s coming to. I’m glad I’m going out, not coming in.”

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