An excellent post about antisemitism

Answering Anti-Semites

More importantly, one can observe that America (and indeed the entire West) has been steadily moving to the Left since long before the Jews had significant influence. For example, the emancipation of black slaves in the 1860s followed by the original civil rights legislation; giving girls the right to vote which culminated in 1920 but was the result of a large movement for many years earlier; and so on.

The anti-Semites would have us believe that whatever process was moving the West to the left magically stopped in 1950 and after that it was the Jews. Of course this goes against common sense and Occam’s Razor, which says that it’s been the same process the whole time.

Thank you, Fortaleza84!

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2 Responses to An excellent post about antisemitism

  1. seedofjapheth says:

    A lot of the things that antisemites blame on jews have their origin in what is known as the age of enlightenment in europe. This is when traditions related to monarchy, social class, and christianity were questioned. This led to modern notions of egalitarianism. BUt then eventually egalitarian tendencies evolved into the politically correct fascism we now have today… so basically egalitarianism is not longer egalitarian… it has become a form of fascism.

    Anti-semites like to focus on jews and point out various jewish intellectuals that promoted various things but they ignore the non-jews who promoted the same things and try to place all the blame on those jewish intellectuals when in reality it was intellectuals from certain schools of thought who were of a variety of ethnic backgrounds. The antisemites then try to blame the entire jewish community while ignoring the fact that within the jewish community there is always disagreement about various important issues, they completely ignore the jews in the jewish community who disagree with those schools of thought.

    Antisemitism itself is an expression of weakness. Antisemites never claim personal responsibility for their problems and they never accept that their own people are responsible for whatever problems they might be experiencing as a people.

  2. The Other Eugenicist says:

    The Chinese in Thailand are an interesting example. They can pass for Thais, and they are very successful business people and are very successful politically.

    However, they get lots of push back because they are more successful, on average, than the Thais. This leads the Chinese to engage in behaviors designed to enhance their success, including manipulating Thai culture …

    The simple explanation is not always the correct explanation.

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