I did mention that I’m Jewish, right? Like, about 100 times already?

There’s plenty of antisemitic blogs where you can comment with your fantasies and prove your idiocy by citing Kevin McDonald as a reliable source. (I finally read his books to find out what in them had people snookered, and remain baffled. They are all full of internal contradictions and simple historical inaccuracies about things that are irrefutable, like the year that things happened in or basic factual details about historical figures. There are much more convincing sources of antisemitic thought, not all antisemites are are stupid as McDonald and his groupies, but I’m not going to list them because they are still completely wrong.)

You can also create your own blog where you weave your paranoid fantasies about Jews, unimpeded by anyone pointing out the gaping holes in your “logic” or dragging in inconvenient facts.

So if you want to air your delusions about us, don’t expect to see your comments approved here. A lot of my people have been MURDERED over the course of centuries because someone or other believed this load of bull. Why would I do anything to help perpetuate it?

Antisemites are their own special kind of crazy. They seem to genuinely expect anyone they meet to subscribe to their delusions. They are, or pretend to be, completely surprised when they encounter anyone who doesn’t. I’ve seen this in threads on blogs that have NOTHING to do with Jews, religion, or race. I used to read this one feminist blogger who complained that Holocaust deniers kept commenting, mansplaining it to her that the source of all the problems women have is The Jooz – in comments on posts she made that had no relation to anything connected with Judaism. You can probably find these nuts in the comments section on blogs about macrame.

Antisemites blame us for everything. They don’t stop at the mostly-Jewish Frankfort School, they blame us for everything they haven’t liked in all of history. If they don’t like Christianity, it’s our fault because Jesus and St. Paul were Jews. If they do like Christianity, it was our sneaky secularism that weakened it. Not long ago I came across the blog of a gay neo-Nazi Holocaust denier. He conceded reluctantly that the Nazis he idolizes did persecute gays… but, of course, their doing so is the fault of THE JOOZ. Yep, we’re even responsible for the actions of NAZIS.

If a few million nerds like us really could dominate billions of others – often in societies where we had no legal rights – then those others would deserve to be dominated. But we can’t and don’t.

In conclusion, don’t post here mansplaining to me that all I need to do is read the contradiction-riddled, error-laden blather of Kevin McDonald (again) to learn the true perfidy of my people and expect your comment to appear. There’s plenty of other places where you can spew that crap, do it somewhere else.

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8 Responses to I did mention that I’m Jewish, right? Like, about 100 times already?

  1. clar says:

    I, too, tire of the paranoid rantings of some on the alt right/ reactionary sphere, but I would encourage you to not fall into the ADL trap of labeling all criticism of jews as antisemitism whether factual or not.

    Lawrence auster (jewish himself) actually has a pretty balanced and fact oriented pov on this issue.

    • Yes, that is true. And some of my posts (including some reposts I have yet to make, I believe) do deal with the unfortunate fact that some of my people have put their considerable intellects to evil liberal purposes. Hell, I acknowledged that in the post that the antisemitic comments I was talking about were made on!

      But if you had read the comments I just refused to approve, you wouldn’t be cautioning me about this. They were definitely antisemitic, not just critical of Jews. That’s why I got mad enough to make this post.

  2. rjp says:

    If you didn’t know, you are the top post on Half Sigma at this time.

  3. sabril says:

    I too cam here from Halfsigma

    I agree 100%. Anti-semites are fundamentally no different from blacks who blame all of their problems on whites.

    Here is my own blog post on the topic:


  4. CLAR says:

    The problem is that jews have done a fair amount to bring this situation to its current state. Hatred, like culture, doesn’t spring out of the ground magically but exists in a feedback loop that can increase or decrease over time. That is not to say I am ‘blaming the victim’ here, but much like the young woman who walks home alone late at night drunk wearing skimpy clothing jews as a whole are putting themselves at extreme risk.

    There should be no debate that there is a hostile elite in just about every western society today. Jews happen to be overrepresented in this-particularly in media areas- due to higher average IQ and a likely higher predisposition to being skilled at business (my anecdotal opinion, not based on hard data). A lot of the anti-semitism comes from this combined with jews simultaneously being a protected class. This duality gives fertile ground to the “ZOG” talk that comes about when US – Israel relations subject comes up.

    What troubles me is that it seems this could lead to yet another episode of populist antisemitism backlash for perceived crimes. just as a feel humanity would be at a great loss without europeans around, i feel the same way about jews. the unfortunate thing is i really doubt much can be done on either end to stop jews from appearing to be antagonistic or from the nationalist end to head off the perception that it is the jewishness of these people causing them to behave as they do.

    any rate, great blog, looking forward to future posts.

  5. eugenicist says:

    Ice Maiden, I would discourage you from making the sort of statements you made in your first paragraph. Saying that anti-semites are “completely wrong” is in some ways analogous to telling a child that marijuana will turn their brains into jelly. Eventually they will meet a marijuana user with un-jellied brains, which makes D.A.R.E. and, by extension, all reasons not to do drugs look less credible––and also makes pro-drug propaganda look more credible, even if it’s fantastic.

    Likewise, saying that anti-Jewish writers/advocates/propagandists are “completely wrong” and only indulging in “paranoid fantasies” can backfire when someone finds out that they’ve been lied to about, say, the extent of Jewish influence in American foreign policy.

    You know from experience how disorienting it is to take the red pill about any issue. What does everyone say who says they have taken the red pill in any area––PUA game, HBD, the JQ, government corruption, etc? In so many words, “you can’t go back.” This is partly because you gain greater insight into the world around you––but only partly. Once one’s implicit trust in the cultural narrative shatters, nothing can repair it. This is especially true when one first notices––correctly or not––that the narrative is designed, in overt and subtle ways, to undermine one’s group identity and mental health.

    Imagine being in a forest at night, without flashlight or flame. You have a lot of sensory information to draw on, including sounds, smells, tactile sensations, even at length dim shapes and shadows. You may know the path from walking it in daylight. Despite this, the natural reaction is to become terrified, because even though you have a lot of information at your disposal, you’re still vulnerable to attack. I think something similar, psychologically, is going on with paranoid obsessives of all stripes––a web of conspiracy is, in some ways, better than a mass of distressing data combined with uncertainty.

    There are nutcases who see a Rothschild under every bed. Matt Parrott describes such people as being “overclocked for pattern recognition” which I think is an apposite description. There are also people who, while they may dislike Jews personally or as a group, would prefer to see some kind of peaceful resolution to the current dilemma as they see it, which leads to a future for their children and freedom from undesirable influences. This point is made, at length, on Kevin MacDonald’s website:

    It doesn’t require an evolutionary theory to realize that good, reasonable people can have conflicts of interest, and that the results of conflicts of interest can be devastating to the side that loses…Anti-Semites have often portrayed Jews as the embodiment of evil. Consistent with evolutionary theory, however, I have documented that Jews tend to be highly intelligent, good parents, and patriots fighting to preserve their people and extend their people’s power and influence — sometimes at the expense of the interests of other peoples. Many organized groups of Jews have pursued such conservative goals by resisting other groups and behaving aggressively against them. By the same logic, it is legitimate for non-Jews to defend their own ethnic interests. Is this a formula for perpetual conflict? Hopefully not, but the only hope for a just resolution is to recognize the nature of the situation and agree on terms, not to deny the importance of one’s own interests.

    Whatever your opinion of MacDonald as a thinker or ideologue, or even of this quote specifically, it is a far cry from paranoid raving. Even if this essay belies “a special kind of crazy” it’s cogently expressed, and should be cogently addressed. Repudiation without substantiation isn’t cricket.

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