Why Black People Can’t Be Racist

The principle, which race racketeers sometimes explicitly state, that “only white people can be racist” has been attacked more than once in the race realist blogosphere, but I haven’t ever seen anything about the source of the idea, until today. Turns out it’s not just one of those idiot things such people randomly say to defend indefensible positions, it has a full concept behind it. Which was explicated in a socialist blog.

Why “Racism = Prejudice + Power” Is The Wrong Way to Approach the Problems of Racism

Turns out this equation is quite popular among academics, and it originated in a 1970 book by Pat Bidol. At that time, black people had very little political power, so by the equation above, it was impossible for black people to be racist since they had no (well, little) power. They could be prejudiced, but not racist. A silly semantic game, but we all know how much can be made out of such semantics. It’s being used nowadays, by people who have probably never even seen the equation let alone its origins, to defend anti-white racist policies.

This was a useful piece of information, so I read several pages of this blog. The blogger, while a socialist, is unusually intelligent for a leftist. That just means that he does a better job than most of defending his insane ideas. In the article I’ve linked, he claims that working class whites and blacks are “natural allies”. He claims that the federal deficit is not a problem, a view Democrat politicians have certainly taken to heart, and that it will only be those horrible rich people who pay it off, not the lower and middle class, honest this time we mean it, keep voting Democrat mwahaha. He has the typical left-wing masochistic love of Islam, through which brown people shall lead us whiteys to new levels of enlightenment.

I stopped when he described people who oppose the murder of unborn babies as “fascists”. Of all the ways to defend baby-killing, lumping the protectors of said babies in with mass murderers who often forced the “racially unfit” to have abortions has to make the least sense.

But at least I acquired the above useful piece of information.

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3 Responses to Why Black People Can’t Be Racist

  1. JL says:

    He seems to be an old-school Marxist of the kind that there are not many anymore. The modern left hates working class whites more than anything else, so it’s always heartening to see a leftist who feels sympathy for whites below his own social class.

    However, the idea that the problems of poor whites and blacks are the same is obviously false. Initially, it was believed that equal opportunities for blacks would quickly eliminate all racial disparities, but soon it became obvious that the disparities would not go away. This necessitated the postulation of conspiracy theories of institutional racism, where all whites enjoy secret privileges that blacks (or other non-whites) have no access to.

    Modern leftist thinkers understand perfectly well that “color-blind” Marxist explanations cannot account for the underperformance of blacks in particular. For example, if race-based affirmative action was replaced with class-based AA, almost all the beneficiaries would be white or Asian. This follows from the fact that whites and Asians from lower class backgrounds tend to have higher IQs than the children of educated upper-middle class blacks.

  2. chris says:

    A liberal/leftist is a person who never takes his own side in a fight.

  3. Gorbachev says:

    Yeah, I go with the first commenter. He seems like an old-school lefty. He comes by it honestly, I suspect.

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