Yeah, as soon as I get some readers, I’m already fed up.

I’m probably not going to continue with this blog. It’s pretty clear that Jews are not welcome in race realism, I suppose because if other whites accepted us, they wouldn’t be able to blame us for their own mistakes anymore.

Some – SOME – of the criticisms and outright attacks on Jews on sites like Counter-Currents have SOME merit to them. I hate to admit it, but it’s true. But most of them are as stupid as the ones in Cambria Will Not Yield, or the comments I refused to approve here. I just got a comment (unapproved) on the post where I stated that I read Kevin McDonald’s books to find out what the fuss was and discovered that they shouldn’t have been able to con a 12-year-old; the comment asked if I had read Kevin McDonald. Another contested my (correct) assertion that Jews rarely commit violent crimes by citing a total of ONE Jew who committed a violent crime!

Someone else complained that I hadn’t posted his lies, which he described as “criticism”. I’ll approve comments with criticism, but not lies. By “not lies” I mean “facts that are verified by sources more reliable than Kevin McDonald”. The bar could not possibly be set lower without ceasing to exist.

Someone else complained vaguely, apparently that I am too pessimistic. He didn’t explain just what he was getting at, but if he wants cheery optimism, what is he doing in the race realist blogosphere?

I dunno; maybe if I read enough of this tripe, I’m supposed to conclude that even though I have never met even one Jew who even remotely resembles the creature such ravings describe, that their ravings are the reality and what I actually encounter in real life is inconsequential. In other words, exactly the same kind of thing that antiwhite white liberals want us to believe about blacks, Muslims and Latinos: “Who are you going to believe, us or your lying eyes?”

It isn’t as if I’ve just discovered that blog comments get a lot of hostility and stupidity. I actually used to keep a more general political blog (no longer online) that got a LOT of attacks because it was on a semi-popular multiblog site and lots of people from all over the spectrum followed it. Some of the comments were actually pretty hilarious in their idiocy. Maybe I’m just too old and grouchy now to feel like putting up with it. But even if I don’t bother to post again, I won’t delete this blog this time. Just leave it here to fossilize.

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30 Responses to Yeah, as soon as I get some readers, I’m already fed up.

  1. destructure says:

    I’m sorry to hear that. I was looking forward to future blog posts. I hope it’s nothing I said.

  2. Aurini says:

    I’ll echo destructure; I just found your blog, and went through your archives. It would be dissapointing if you stopped writing.

  3. Iron Zeppelin says:

    You can not disappear right when I discover you through Half Sigma’s post -_-
    Blog comments do get a lot of stupidity. You might be surprised because your real life social filters work well and keep these people away but dumb people *do* exist. Don’t let their absence or emotional control/rational thought destabilize you and continue to post.

  4. Paul Rain says:

    It’s always weirded me out that people take McDonald seriously. His just-so stories are almost as funny as the skinhead love for band names like GI Joe villains.

  5. chris says:

    Half Sigma is Jewish by the way.

    And if its any consolation, I think it is a good thing to have a Jewish woman posting about HBD and anti-leftism as it demonstrates that the motivations behind leftism in the West isn’t about ethnic competition between Jews and Gentiles but is instead about subversive leftist ideologues of all stripes and creeds.

  6. Thorfinnsson says:

    I appreciate this blog and am sorry to hear that.

    For future reference, there’s a reason people dislike the Jews. I’m not one to blame the decline of the West on the Jews, but most Jewish stereotypes are true and Jews are generally unpleasant people. This also goes for Arabs, so perhaps it’s a thing about Near Easterners. In race realist circles this finds expression in some of the unpleasant antisemitism you encounter, which is unfortunate.

    Still, self-awareness would be good. I’ve noticed that Jews seem to honestly not understand why people don’t like them, which is bizarre. Do y’all seriously not get that us goyim see you as cheap, rude, obnoxious, vulgar, status-obsessed, sex-obsessed, lacking self awareness, and possessed of absolutely terrible taste?

    I am in the 1% which means I encounter a lot of Jews. I avoid socializing with them (with certain exceptions) because the chosen people are simply unbearable.

  7. rjp says:

    There are always going to be critics. The more readers you get the more you are going to have to read crap and deal with the off-topic. In your header change “Race Realism” to “A Jewish Look at Race Realism” or something like that, make it known that you are Jewish.

    The moneyman (moneywoman) is always going to have his (her) critics, and Jews disproportionately occupy roles in finance. Jews also are slightly more likely to have had higher level education than most other religions (at least in this country). Jews protect their own and give preference too. I have no problem with this — it just sucks that other white people can’t (legally) do this.

    Hope to see you stick around.

  8. Jews fail as ethical and honorable human beings. There are exceptions, but this is a general rule. And it is the reason why, from Spain to Russia, they have been expelled and persecuted on countless occasions throughout history. The image of the greedy and manipulative Jew already existed in Ancient Rome (cf. Ciceron’s writings), and continuous to represent reality to this very day.

    That the same happens to apply to NAMs in general does change this sad fact. Jews ought to be held to a higher standard because of their superior intelligence. They have no excuse for what they have done to White Americans, who welcomed them with open arms when they were fleeing from the pogroms in Russia.

    There are honest Jews, such as Paul Gottfried, but their numbers are negligible. Kevin MacDonald is a well-respected figure on the Alt Right. If you want to criticize his academic work, excellent, but don’t slander him without addressing his arguments.

  9. Half Sigma says:

    The comments from people who hate Jews is the primary reason why i have to use comment moderation on my blog. Eventually people get bored with writing comments that never get posted, but some never give up.

    HBD-blogging is a thankless endeavor, except that I know I’m contributing in some way towards the eventual acceptance of HBD.

  10. Qwerty says:

    Please reconsider.
    HBD is way more than people from SF that drifed over to your blog and said idiotic things.
    I cannot stand those ‘tards either and they rarely have an interesting thing to say, just delete and go on. Besides, any vitriol you received from them is likely to pale in comparison to what you will get from the committed left, and they are the enemy of us all.

    I just “Discovered” your blog yesterday and spent over an hour reading all of your posts. I think you are better than most other HBD blogs out there and the world does not need another political blog; we are already swimming in them.

    Stick around and nuke, or better yet ridicule those morons, and very soon they move on. No one that matters will care that you are Jewish.

  11. Larry says:

    Hostile commenters will either continue until they tire or they are banned. For what it’s worth, I hope you continue your blog.

  12. Greg says:

    Sorry to hear you’re going to stop posting. I’m a first time visitor and have enjoyed reading your work.
    You really shouldn’t worry about what other “race realists” may have to say about the “Jews”. They simply fail to realize that “Jews” like all other demographics comprise all types. I personally have known Jewish people who were some of the most decent I have ever known. I have also known a few of the type that are envisioned by those “whites” who seem to have discouraged you. Just realize they are guilty of generalization and simply don’t realize it, and you certainly shouldn’t allow them to cause you to change you course. Many of us appreciate your work and the work of other Jewish people in the area of race realism.

  13. SarahSue Phillips says:

    Qwerty says ‘No one that matters will care that you are Jewish.’

    Oh contrar! I matter and it matters very much to me that you are Jewish. Old and grouchy helps, too.

    As one old, grouchy Jewess to another, I appreciate someone in my age group writing rants, random thoughts and touchy subjects. It is as comforting as talking to my sisters.

    Please continue.


  14. Celtic Spirit says:

    I just read your article linked on Half Sigma, and was so delighted to find such a well written piece. There may be others like me who are struggling with how we can fight back against the suicide of our nations and peoples. I have thought to myself that white Europeans and Jews were going to have to fight this together. It is a Judeo-Christian culture that we have. The loss of Western civilization is a loss for both our peoples. We are natural allies.

  15. panjoomby says:

    You are wanted (in a good way!) & needed by many of us goy-libertarian-race-realists! Anti-semites must be jealous of high IQs, & mad that so many Jewish people are leftists. IQ-wise, too many bright people in general are leftist (e.g., IQ data on liberal vs. conservative), so anti-semites might as well hate bright people:) Anti-semites don’t seem to understand Ashkenazi variability. You represent that variability in a good way. Maybe they’ll slowly get that message. You are smart to oppose leftist views. Remember Churchill’s ol’ chestnut: “…never, never, never give up.” These crazy anti-semites that are against you actually NEED you, they just don’t know it. But, do what you must. Thanks for being around at all!

  16. Foster says:

    “Race realism” and “HBD” are fairly broad categories. There aren’t any official or unofficial arbiters or anything of what exactly they constitute.

  17. Days of Broken Arrows says:

    People hate for different reasons. And I think for Jews the hate comes because of envy, since Jews tend to seem successful (whether or not this is statistically true, I have no idea, but this is the stereotype).

    The other big stereotype is that Jews “care about money,” which apparently is some kind of sin amongst some folks. I don’t see this as a negative. I married into a Jewish family and did see some of this…but I would much rather be around people talking about Roth IRAs (and hence giving me good financial advice) than people whining about lack of money and prospects.

  18. It’s a rough world, and you will find that the enemy of your enemy is not necessarily your friend. If you even think about this stuff, much less blog anonymously about it, you have stepped outside the pale, and knowing you are a thought criminal does not incline people to be thoughtful or polite.

    If people have anger and hatred for Jews- well, Jews are by and large loyal members and aggressive enforcers for the system, and they are proud and open about it. That is going to draw fire. Being an anonymous race realist doesn’t gain you any points, because everybody knows Jews are anonymous race realists.

    Whether or not you write is only a matter of personal motivation. Writing stuff like this will only get you the agreement of a few people who can’t reveal their thoughts in public. No matter how insightful, it won’t change anything and it won’t make any difference.

    “If I don’t work I’ll starve. If I don’t write I’ll die.”- Jim Goad

    “These words I write keep me from total madness.”- Charles Bukowski

  19. Please keep at it. I just discovered you. You’re good at what you do. And you’re a value to the movement. It would be a shame if you stopped writing. And it would be a loss for the rest of us.

  20. John says:

    I just discovered your blog and I certainly hope you stick around.

    I do not hate Jews, but I can’t help but feel frustrated by them. I’ve never had a negative interaction with one, nor do I have any Jewish close personal friends. But they are less than 3% of the population, tend to have a higher income than me and concentrate in parts of the country where I seldom go, so that is not surprising.

    What gets me frustrated, and makes others hateful, is the way that policies that hurt gentile whites still sort of work out well for Jews.

    Affirmative action, for example. Since Jews get rolled up as whites when institutions enforce their AA programs, Jews, with their higher IQs, can be represented at elite institutions far out of proportion to their percentage of the overall population. AA just isn’t a problem for them. They will be the smartest whites applying for Harvard and will get plenty of slots. It is the bright Italians and Irish that have to go to a less prestigious school so a NAM can take their place.

    Jews are also over represented in Hollywood, an institution that seems to really love NAMs. In the spirit of AA, shouldn’t Hollywood be more representative of the general population? I guarantee you Soledad O’Brien (may have misspelled her name but I just don’t care) won’t do a special on that. So despite the fact that Jews, being more liberal and tending to vote democrat, will usually support AA, they make no attempt to reduce their numbers in areas that they dominate.

    Here is another. Jews tend to be more tribal than other white ethnicities. Jews just seem to be more into their Jewishness than Italians are into their Italianess and Irish are into their Irishness. This affects who they marry and who they socialize with. Sorry that I don’t have a lot of hard data to back this up, but examples are all around us. Combine this with how well Jews are positioned in the US in the media, finance, academics and politics, it seems that a little suspicion would be natural. Could this be one of the reasons we give more money to Israel than all other nations combined? I would much prefer it if Jews would just consider themselves white and join the rest of us, but they really seem to consider themselves to be significantly distinct from the bulk of the white population. A few will even tell you that they don’t consider themselves white.

    Finally there is the whole double standard treatment the media gives Israel. If Americans want to build a fence along our Southern border, we hear all sorts of reasons why it is wrong or impossible. Israel, however, uses fences and does so effectively, and largely without criticism from the US media.

    You have to understand. Your average white guy sees how well off Jews are, how policies like AA don’t seem to affect them, notices their influence in politics and the media, notices how the media ignores all this, and then notices how insular they are, and he is going to wonder if something is going on that no one is telling him.

    Check out Amy Chau’s book, World on Fire. It is about Market Dominant Minorities and how their natural entrepreneurial spirit can really get them in trouble with the locals. What is particularly insightful is how they often contribute to their own demise by going too far. The Chinese elite in Indonesia has such a grip on the government that the tycoons were writing the trade laws, allowing them to reap ridiculous profits selling off the countries natural resources while the masses got nothing. The only avenue the average Indonesian had was to riot, and riot they did. Unfortunately, the ones who paid the price were not the Chinese elite, but the moderately prosperous Chinese shopkeepers who lived among their Indonesian customers. They are the ones who were murdered and who’s daughters were raped.

  21. panjoomby says:

    omg – i can’t believe i have a comment right by Unamused! 🙂 This is a race-realism brush-with-greatness! — as celebrity-ish as it gets! I am honored by this proximity. & also proximity to Thrasymachus### is an honor, b/c Thrasy’s message is as truly realist as race-realists get – very sobering view, yo! I be keepin’ it kittens, yo.

  22. thomas says:

    Please keep going with your blog. You have more readers and admirers than you know…

  23. John McNeill says:

    I’m adding myself to the voice of people who don’t want to see you quit. I recently discovered this blog and plan on continuing to visit it as I am eager to support pro-white Jews. Know that as an American white ethnonationalist, I share your opposition to anti-Semitism, and seek to stamp it out of the nationalist discourse. You are not alone. 🙂

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