Antisemitism: Bad for Whites

 I’ve figured out why so many antisemites’ arguments consist entirely of “Kevin MacDonald said so” and why they throw tantrums when you point out that MacDonald got a lot of simple facts wrong, ignored important historical events that didn’t suit his claims, and even changed his mind constantly throughout his books (at least the two that I have read) about exactly what those claims were.

This weekend, I was having a civilized debate with a liberal friend of mine. I cited some facts to support my point and linked to an article to verify the facts. She pointed out that the article was on a conservative news site, so how did she know it was trustworthy? Of course, conservative news sites are the only ones that are at all trustworthy, but rather than try to convince her of this, I spent a few minutes digging up articles on “mainstream” (i.e. liberal) sites with the same facts in them. With the facts established, we were able to get on with debating our interpretations of them.

But if you tell a Kevin MacDonald groupie that “Kevin MacDonald said so” is not good enough for you, they have nowhere else to go. Sure, they can find evidence in any history book that for the past century and a half, Jews have joined corrupt Gentiles in promoting progressivism, a belief system invented by Gentiles while my ancestors were shut up in shtetls, and that progressivism and all its elements – socialism, the insistence that all races are equal, etc. – is clearly bad for humanity. This is, unfortunately, true. But if you want to contend that progressivism is all our fault, or that we’ve been plotting to dominate Gentiles for hundreds or thousands of years, the evidence just isn’t there. Any history book will yield facts that support the contention that black people are not intelligent enough to invent things or create a civilization; the debate between race realists and egalitarians is over the interpretation of those facts. Finding evidence of harmful Jewish behavior from before the publication of The Communist Manifesto (which was a rip-off of works by two Gentiles, Thomas More and Plato) is very difficult. Finding evidence that now we are trying to take over the world or ruin Gentiles also requires selectively interpreting the facts. Kevin MacDonald has to use numerous factual errors and ignore major historical events to support his claims. History books by anyone else, whether they like Jews or not, are not going to contain the same factual errors or ignore the historical events that go against his theories.

So when you point out that Kevin MacDonald is not a trustworthy source, which he isn’t, his groupies have nowhere else to go. His books, and perhaps a few written by his groupies, are literally the only ones which will support his worldview.

Over at Counter-Currents there are at least two articles claiming that St. Paul repackaged Christianity and marketed it to Gentiles to achieve Jewish domination with the Christian ideals of universalism and equality of all humans. None of the gaping holes in this thesis are so much as mentioned. The claim that St. Paul’s goal in life was to dominate Gentiles is not supported except by mentioning that he was a Jew. So of course all he wanted was to dominate Gentiles! That’s what all Jews want, everybody knows that! Haven’t you read Kevin MacDonald? That Christianity was not interpreted to mean that everyone was equal until the Gentile enterprise known as the Enlightenment, a movement which made Christianity weaker than it has been since the time of Constantine, is not explained. Christians spent the better part of the next two millenia depriving Jews of citizenship, expelling us from one country after another, confining us to ghettoes and shtetls and pales, sending the Inquisition to torture us into converting, and conducting the occasional pogrom. This means that if Christianity was indeed an attempt to dominate Gentiles, it was a laughable failure. This is not explained by the articles I mentioned. The only rebuttal I can think of that my enemies might make is that it was only when Europe became more secular and the Nazis led a bit of a pagan revival that the Holocaust happened, and that would require the antisemite making the argument to admit that the Holocaust happened.

That my people have behaved badly since the early 20th century (before that it was only a microscopic handful, i.e. Karl Marx, who were behaving in an antisocial manner) is true. Believe me, I wish it weren’t, but it is.

But saving the White race depends on Whites who acknowledge this without entertaining flimsy theories about the Jews being the sole cause of all bad things. The committed antisemites – that is, the ones who believe we are innately bad no matter what – can’t do it, for a few reasons. One is that they can’t be bothered to gather facts before accepting loony theories, like the Counter-Currents authors mentioned above. Another is, like them and MacDonald, that they are not very logical. Even if they were right about us, when they apply that kind of logic to other things, they will inevitably bring about disaster to Gentiles, never mind us. And finally, they can’t take responsibility. I have, several times in this blog, admitted and deplored the fact that many of my people have behaved in a harmful way in the past century and a half. The antisemites refuse to accept that White Gentiles have done most of this stuff to themselves, or that much of what they deplore is contained in human nature – the nature of all humans. For instance, some of these people believe that a “command economy” will actually work as long as there are no Jews around to muck it up. That every command economy in history has been an abysmal failure, because it goes completely against innate human urges to competition and acquisitiveness, they ignore. The corruption of the modern West is simply the same inevitable decline of every civilization, but this, too, they refuse to admit; nothing would ever decline if Jews didn’t make it decline, according to them. Progressive ideas are also the unavoidable ego-saving mechanism of humans who know themselves to be corrupt and inferior, not a plot from us:


And this answer is that, in the last analysis, civilization always depends upon the qualities of the people who are the bearers of it. All these vast accumulations of instruments and ideas, massed and welded into marvelous structures rising harmoniously in glittering majesty, rest upon living foundations — upon the men and women who create and sustain them. So long as those men and women are able to support it, the structure rises, broad-based and serene; but let the living foundations prove unequal to the task, and the mightiest civilization sags, cracks, and at last crashes down into chaotic ruin.
Civilization thus depends absolutely upon the quality of its human supporters.

This fact is that, while hereditary qualities are implanted in the individual with no action on his part, social acquirements are taken over only at the cost of distinct effort. How great this effort may become is easily seen by the long years of strenuous mental labor required in modern youth to assimilate the knowledge already gained by adults. That old saying, “There is no royal road to learning,” illustrates the hard fact that each successive generation must tread the same thorny path if the acquirements of the past are to be retained. Of course, it is obvious that the more acquirements increase, the longer and steeper the path must be. And this raises the query: May there not come a point where the youthful traveller will be unable to scale the height — where the effort required will be beyond his powers?
Well, this is precisely what has happened numberless times in the past. It is happening to multitudes of individuals about us every day.

Now, among our human categories we have observed that progress is primarily due to the superiors. It is they who found and further civilizations. As for the intermediate mass, it accepts the achievements of its creative pioneers. Its attitude is receptive. This receptivity is due to the fact that most of the intermediate grades are near enough to the superiors to understand and assimilate what the superiors have initiated.
But what about the inferiors? Hitherto we have not analyzed their attitude. We have seen that they are incapable of either creating of furthering civilization, and are thus a negative hindrance to progress. But the inferiors are not mere negative factors in civilized life; they are also positive — in an inverse, destructive sense. The inferior elements are, instinctively or consciously, the enemies of civilization. And they are its enemies, not by chance, but because they are more or less uncivilizable.

The word inferior has, however, been so often employed as a synonym for degenerate that it tends to produce confusion of thought, and to avoid this I have coined a term which seems to describe collectively all those kinds of persons whom I have just discussed. This term is The Under-Man – the man who measures under the standards of capacity and adaptability imposed by the social order in which he lives. And this term I shall henceforth employ.

Now how does the Under-Man look at civilization? This civilization offers him few benefits and fewer hopes. It usually affords him little beyond a meagre subsistence. And, sooner or later, he instinctively senses that he is a failure; that civilization’s prizes are not for him. But this civilization, which withholds benefits, does not hesitate to impose burdens. We have previously stated that civilization’s heaviest burdens are borne by the superior. Absolutely, this is true; relatively the Under-Man’s intrinsically lighter burdens feel heavier because of his innate incapacity. The very discipline of the social order oppresses the Under-Man; it thwarts and chastises him at every turn. To wild natures society is a torment, while the congenital caveman, placed in civilization, is always in trouble and usually in jail.

Such is the Under-Man’s unhappy lot. Now, what is his attitude toward that civilization from which he has so little to hope? What but instinctive opposition and discontent? These feelings, of course, vary all the way from dull, unreasoning dislike to flaming hatred and rebellion. But, in the last analysis, they are directed not merely against imperfections in the social order, but against the social order itself. This is a point which is rarely mentioned, and still more rarely understood. Yet it is the meat of the whole matter. We must realize clearly that the basic attitude of the Under-Man is an instinctive and natural revolt against civilization. The reform of abuses may diminish the intensity of social discontent.

Lastly, there is the “misguided superior.” He is a strange phenomenon! Placed by nature in the van of civilization, he goes over to its enemies. This seems inexplicable. Yet it can be explained. As the Under-Man revolts because civilization is so far ahead of him, so the misguided superior revolts because it is so far behind. Exasperated by its slow progress, shocked at its faults, and erroneously ascribing to mankind in general his own lofty impulses, the misguided superior dreams short cuts to the millennium and joins the forces of social revolt, not realizing that their ends are profoundly different even though their methods may be somewhat the same. The misguided superior is probably the most pathetic figure in human history. Flattered by designing scoundrels, used to sanctify sinister schemes, and pushed forward as a figurehead during the early stages of revolutionary agitation, the triumph of the revolution brings him to a tragic end. Horrified at sight of barbarism’s unmasked face, he tries to stay its destructive course. In vain! The Under-Man turns upon his former champion with a snarl and tramples him into the mud.

Source: The Revolt Against Civilization by Lothrop Stoddard


If the White race is to have a future, it is up to White Jews and Whites who can accept that Jews are not the source of all bad things to secure it. Those who blame us for everything cannot do it.

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14 Responses to Antisemitism: Bad for Whites

  1. seedofjapheth says:

    In the USA some Asians have Asian Pride(refers to ease Asian) and no one complains about that because the Asian Pride people don’t have elaborate antisemitic ideologies attached to their Asian Pride movement and they also don’t spend the majority of their time verbally bashing non-Asians. Asian Pride is just Asian Pride. It doesn’t have all sorts of extra baggage that goes along with it.

  2. A good post. I am of a mind that there is far too much fixation on conspiracy theories involving a malevolent Jewish elite among those who claim to support the interests of whites and that this fixation is counterproductive to said aims, so it is good to see posts discussing this issue.

    I have read Kevin MacDonald’s third and most controversial book regarding Jews, The Culture of Critique, and I did so without much prior knowledge of Jewish history. Generally, I thought it was an interesting read, but I did not accept MacDonald’s basic hypothesis that Judaism was a group evolutionary strategy nor the side hypothesis that that evolutionary strategy acted by undermining the order of gentile society.

    From my passing familiarity with the material at Counter-Currents that concerns itself with the Jews, I suspect that not only does much of the conceptualization of “the Jewish question” based upon MacDonald’s work, but that it is based upon a simplified, exaggerated, and distorted version of MacDonald’s work that makes Jews seem more sinister than anything MacDonald alleges. Of course, part of that may simply be that MacDonald provides a modern justification for older viewpoints. After all, Julius Evola and Savitri Devi whose books grace the Counter-Currents sidebar had views on the topic of Jews and Judaism before MacDonald was born.

    I do think that it would be a public service if you could point out a small sample of what you see as MacDonald’s factual errors, distortions, misportrayals, or otherwise misleading content so that those such as me who are not familiar from childhood with Jewish history can better distinguish fact from fiction when approaching this topic.

  3. gradientinquiry says:

    OMG! I can’t believe I’ve found this blog. I am a young Jew who recently became a race realist after looking into affirmative action policy. After taking a close look at the data (blacks from families earning >$200K per year don’t do better than whites from families earning less than $20K per year???), I began to look into the data. Boy, was I in for a BIG surprise.

    It’s like I discovered this big, huge, life-changing secret about the world, but I can’t tell anyone about it. The liberals have brainwashed everyone into reacting with disbelief, anger, and accusations of racism. No one realizes that there was literally a conspiracy by liberal scientists to hide the facts from people. No one knows…except me!?!

    I just wish we could all speak to each other about all this. There’s this sense of loneliness that comes about when you have to hide so much of yourself from people. It’s alienating.

    I don’t think many Jews realize that we Jews do best in a White, (Christian?) society. Am I the only one who realizes this? Now, I don’t support the KKK. They can go to hell. But the hypocrisy of this country is crazy. I support White nationalists and other White interest groups (we have the NAACP, La Raza, etc.) but any organization protecting White people from abuse is racist?

    Thanks for this blog. I’ll be checking in every few days. I hope we can all get together and arrange some sort of talk.



  4. bob says:

    I’m not sure who you are addressing this to.

    You’re never going to to convince the st0rmfr0nt crowd. They are hopeless.

    Most “race realists” and HBDers that I’ve encountered seem to understand the test results for Asians, and Ashkenazi Jews, as groups. But I’ll admit I’ve only been reading this type of stuff recently.

    Do you find, for example, that the AmRen crowd are antisemitic? Or just anti-Liberal, and therefore annoyed with many Jews who are flaming Liberals?

  5. What course of action do you recommend the Jews take?

  6. destructure says:

    I think your analysis is mistaken. It’s not that some of the criticism of Jews isn’t unfounded. It’s that in pointing it out you’ve failed to address the real issues.

    One of my wife’s friends is a Jewish woman who married out. She never had any problems with her husband’s family. But her own family has ostracized her. And I know Jewish men whose situations are similar. So who exactly is it that’s prejudiced? Now, I don’t really care who Jews marry. My point is where the prejudice lies.

    Similarly, dozens of ethnic groups have found a place within white nationalism. Of course, there are ethnic rivalries and grudges but they’ve all found a place except Jews. And yet you want to blame everyone else? If you’re the only ones with a problem then it’s probably you.

    Jews may be white but most just really don’t care about other whites. In fact, quite a few hate the goyim. I once saw a t-shirt in New Zealand that read, “My two favorite teams are the blacks and whoever is playing Australia”. That’s my impression of Jewish attitudes. Their two favorite teams are jews and anyone who doesn’t like gentiles, goyim, christians, whites, etc.

    The following is anecdotal but it really makes the point. A couple of years ago, Bernhard gave a performance in which she let loose with some of the most vile filth I’ve ever heard. And yet she got a standing ovation from a mainstream Jewish audience. It would be one thing if it were from the Jewish equivalent of skinheads. But it wasn’t. It’s disingenuous to use a few fringe elements to paint such a one-sided affair when mainstream Jews are cheering filth like this.

    In case you think I’m painting all Jews with the same brush, I’m not. I realize there are pro white Jews as well. And I certainly have no problem with them. If they call me “brother” then they’re my brother. I’m sure you could find those who would disagree. Yeah, well, there are people who wouldn’t welcome me, either. Am I going to start whining about it? Am I going to take my toys and go home in a huff? No. Because I’m Gunga Din. No, I’m not Hindu. My point is that it doesn’t really matter how others treat me. It doesn’t change my convictions at all. Because I’m pro white regardless of what anyone else thinks or says or does. Are you?

  7. It is more than a little tiresome. But not nearly as pervasive as you think. Most of the keenest ANTI-SEMITES!!! I know don’t refer to MacDonald at all. I certainly don’t. I rely more on relatedness and psychology; evolutionary strategy is another angle. Simply observing how Jews behave is another and by far the strongest.

    As silly as WN overperception of Jewish malfeasance can be, there is something all-too-familiarly convenient in Jewish “white nationalists” (you, Unamused, Auster) writing off MacDonald as “untrustworthy”. All this shows is that Jews have no place in white nationalism. The idea isn’t for you, and you are not us. And Karl Marx was not the devil … though there has been a healthy strain of Marx-hatred among Jews who can’t forgive him for having been raised a bourgeois German Protestant and demanding that Jews be assimilated to overcome their mammonism.

    “So when you point out that Kevin MacDonald is not a trustworthy source,”

    … we move on to When Victims Rule, a 1,000-page compendium of eerie quotations from Jews themselves? no? Ok, just checking. Perhaps in another millennium something critical of Jews shall surface that will meet with your seal of approval, probably written by a Jew or more likely a whole committee, but I won’t hold my breath. I’ll just reread Slezkine and wonder why The Jewish Century sounds so much like Mein Kampf and Jewish Supremacism. *Shrug*.

    “So of course all he wanted was to dominate Gentiles!”

    There is a lot of specious semantics about, among WNs no less than your Jewish self-defensive posturing. Jews do not want to dominate Gentiles; they do dominate Gentiles — while vociferously denying the group dynamics of which they cannot escape being part.

    Let me, like destructure, offer a personal anecdote that has for long illustrated this confusion to me. You will reject it, being a Jew, and so under no inner compulsion to trust a word I say, but that’s all right, you may find it amusing anyhow.

    A few years ago I went with my mother and a friend to a park here in Miami where one can canoe through some mangrove swamp. (Yes, that’s how desperate Miami residents are for nature — they’ll paddle through swamp in Summer.) We got our canoes, brought them down to the launch, where there was a line. Behind me comes a jaunty middle-aged Jew dressed in catalog-perfect “outdoors” gear — “Telling pretense”, thought I — with twin toddler boys, also in “outdoors” gear, in fact the very same outfit as abba. The man I ought to say was taller and paler than me, in fact he seemed drained of blood, had light eyes, but of course the usual facial structure and was absolutely the high-strung Jew in manner. Quite loudly, then, he came down to the launch saying, “Come on Jonah, come on Ruben — let’s put the boats in the water, come on!” Sounded robotic, really. I noticed then that his whole manner was as though robotic, like he was on autopilot. And now he did a curious thing. We were poised to enter the water, the bow of our canoes already in. But this chap pushed his boat next to and beyond ours, bundled his tots therein, and made like he was going first. Now, I’m Italian and have a really shitty attitude, especially when I’m around my mother and someone isn’t behaving, and as this was also a Jew, my blood went straight to “BOIL”. I planted my foot in his canoe, looked him in the eye and growled: “We. Were. Here. First.” — But yo, here’s the weird thing. Even as I was saying this I realized something was wrong. I was emoting, but he wasn’t. In this dynamic I was the competitive party, not he. He wasn’t even aware, as his behavior plainly indicated, that he was pushing his way to the fore; he was just doing it. So even as my blood boiled and I spake my words, I knew the relation was false, one-sided, that as a Jew he wasn’t privy. Anyhow, he was of course completely shocked, and actually seemed to notice the world around him for the first time since I spotted him. He stood there dumbfounded for a moment, then began a painful, utterly stereotypical Jew stutter — the one they always do when a shegetz lets him know who’s boss. (NB: Doesn’t work with Israelis, LOL.) “Oh, ah, ah, oh … really? Really? ‘Cause I .. I didn’t know.” Yet the weirdness didn’t end there. Here he was apologizing, but there was this tone, and I thought a look in his eye, that just didn’t match what he was saying. To this day I have trouble parsing it, have found various psychological explanations to explain it; the simplest one is that he was mimicking — he wasn’t emotionally apologetic because in his mind he wasn’t aware he was breaking a protocol. And yet there was something else … there was a hint of mockery in his tone, betokened, I believe, by the repetition of the word “really”. Anyone in my place would have observed it as well, I have no doubt. It dawned on me, right then, that I wasn’t speaking to a random Jewish man at a park in Miami — I was speaking to the type that evolved in the bazaar and the shtetl embodied by this one man. An entire race stood before me. It was all in this one objectively brief encounter — the mindless loud pushiness, low conscientiousness, puzzlement and vulnerability when confronted, and that eerie, vaguely malicious glint in the eye, certainly not even emotional anymore but reduced to detached stereotypy …. ‘Twas an out of body thing, I tell ya. In mere seconds I felt I had been transported back to every European encounter with the Ashkenazim, and that all fell much more neatly into place. Suddenly I was in the leathern shoes of a Rhenish peasant ca. 480 AD when the first Jewish family from Rome made its way thither; how utterly bizarre it must have been for those naive riparine old Celts, and how “ho, hum” for those Jews, a mercantile folk used to changing cultures. There it was! In this one dude who just had to go first. — Anyhow, coming out of my three-second fugue, I mumbled “It’s all right … “, and we went first after all. A few minutes later, turning around, I saw him obsessively taking photos of his boys in their expensive, catalog-perfect “outdoors” costume, now in the water, but not fifteen feet from the launch. This, too, says something.

    That then is how I view the matter. It is my emblem of Jew-Gentile “relations”. You people are ever pushing your way to the fore, unaware that you edge us out and make us quite uncomfortable in the process; while we, if our wits are kept intact, finally lose patience and put our collective foot down.

    I hope that next time — if there is one — there shall be a much heavier boot on it.

  8. paulrain says:

    Merry Christmas!

  9. jewamongyou says:

    Is that it? Surely you can think of other things to write about. The fact that you’re Jewish doesn’t mean you can only write about Jewish stuff. Don’t let criticism, and negative comments, prevent you from writing. It comes with the territory – unless all you write about is kittens, knitting or cooking.

  10. bob says:

    I think many WNs have slipped over the line from “race realism” to “racism”. It makes their politics simpler.

    But a White Liberal Democrat has less in common with WNs, politically and culturally, than Conservative Jews or Blacks or Orientals.

    I think it is Western Culture – pre-Marxist, pre-feminist, pre-affirmative-action, pre-green – that must be save.

  11. jewamongyou says:

    Just dropping by to see if you’re still alive. I hope all is well with you.

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