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Antisemitism: Bad for Whites

 I’ve figured out why so many antisemites’ arguments consist entirely of “Kevin MacDonald said so” and why they throw tantrums when you point out that MacDonald got a lot of simple facts wrong, ignored important historical events that didn’t suit … Continue reading

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Again, thank you, and a couple of links.

The support in your comments is greatly, greatly appreciated. On another note, a couple of the KM groupies have, as I suggested, come up with criticisms of Jews which don’t rely on citing an author who not only pretends not … Continue reading

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Thank you!

For the many supportive comments my new readers made. I fully expected that when I had a chance to log in today, there would be nothing but 10,000 more antisemitic attacks, but instead I found a lot of encouragement. I … Continue reading

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Yeah, as soon as I get some readers, I’m already fed up.

I’m probably not going to continue with this blog. It’s pretty clear that Jews are not welcome in race realism, I suppose because if other whites accepted us, they wouldn’t be able to blame us for their own mistakes anymore. … Continue reading

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Why Black People Can’t Be Racist

The principle, which race racketeers sometimes explicitly state, that “only white people can be racist” has been attacked more than once in the race realist blogosphere, but I haven’t ever seen anything about the source of the idea, until today. … Continue reading

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An excellent post about antisemitism

Answering Anti-Semites More importantly, one can observe that America (and indeed the entire West) has been steadily moving to the Left since long before the Jews had significant influence. For example, the emancipation of black slaves in the 1860s followed … Continue reading

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Project Repost Completed

All right, it looks like I have now reposted all, or at least most, of the posts from my old blog. So if I continue, it’ll be new content from here on out.

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