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Again, thank you, and a couple of links.

The support in your comments is greatly, greatly appreciated. On another note, a couple of the KM groupies have, as I suggested, come up with criticisms of Jews which don’t rely on citing an author who not only pretends not … Continue reading

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No solutions

I still don’t see any real hope of solving the racial situation without major bloodshed, possibly a revolution, and who knows what else. And it won’t happen anytime soon, and I hate to think of how much of our culture … Continue reading

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Muslim Youth Pride

“Untold” story of WW2 stirs Muslim youth pride BIRMINGHAM, England (Reuters) – Taunted by racists as a “Paki” and “terrorist,” Haroon bin Khaled spent his teenaged years feeling rejected by mainstream Britain and increasingly drawn to al Qaeda extremism. See? … Continue reading

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Islamic sympathy among Western reactionaries

I’m looking at the various articles on the very confused site, which alternates between intelligent reactionary and libertarian insight and… stuff that just doesn’t make any sense. Like this:Secularist Stupidity and Religious Wars by Patrick Buchanan That demagogues and … Continue reading

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