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Thank you!

For the many supportive comments my new readers made. I fully expected that when I had a chance to log in today, there would be nothing but 10,000 more antisemitic attacks, but instead I found a lot of encouragement. I … Continue reading

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An excellent post about antisemitism

Answering Anti-Semites More importantly, one can observe that America (and indeed the entire West) has been steadily moving to the Left since long before the Jews had significant influence. For example, the emancipation of black slaves in the 1860s followed … Continue reading

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I did mention that I’m Jewish, right? Like, about 100 times already?

There’s plenty of antisemitic blogs where you can comment with your fantasies and prove your idiocy by citing Kevin McDonald as a reliable source. (I finally read his books to find out what in them had people snookered, and remain … Continue reading

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No solutions

I still don’t see any real hope of solving the racial situation without major bloodshed, possibly a revolution, and who knows what else. And it won’t happen anytime soon, and I hate to think of how much of our culture … Continue reading

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What Is To Be Done For The Shorter Term to Free Ourselves from the Tyranny of the NWO? By John “Birdman” Bryant I don’t believe in the NWO – not as an organized movement controlled by a handful of people … Continue reading

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