White Flight

I’ve white-flighted three times in my life. I had this wonderful house,
beautiful and charming, in a mixed neighborhood. Then the racial mix
tipped, as it always does; once a certain percentage of residents of a
neighborhood are nonwhite, all the white people flee. Also, the black
children became black preteens, old enough to make trouble. My
housemate’s car was keyed. My cat was shot with a BB gun. (She was
fine.) They played in the middle of the street and wouldn’t move so
that I could get to my driveway. They screamed “White people!” at us
when we drove by. It was like what Enoch Powell described.

I wasn’t a race realist then, but I was a plain realist, so I moved.
I didn’t look at racial demographics, just found an apartment complex
in my price range that seemed nice. Almost everybody there was white,
but I didn’t consciously notice that.

A few years later, my job took me to another state. I was short of
funds, so I got an apartment in the cheapest complex that was near my
work that I could find. Almost everybody else was Mexican or black. The
leasing office (staffed with Mexicans) treated all the residents like
dirt, knowing that most of them were poor and many were probably in the
country illegally and they had to just take it. When I refused to put
up with it, they were amazed. I moved to a more expensive complex. I
still wasn’t a race realist.

Yet again, work required me to move. I moved. I found a nice
apartment complex with a racial mix. I lived there for two years and
loved it. Then the ethnic balance changed, we honkeys became a
minority, and suddenly I started seeing suspicious people making
transactions in the parking lot late at night. There was also the loud
music and the kids who lived below me setting fires.

It so happened that just around that time, the stuff I was reading
(mostly in my blogroll) was finally forcing me to admit that no, race
wasn’t just skin deep. I really didn’t want to believe it. I resisted
it for a long time. When I finally acknowledged the truth, I went
around in shock for about a month. It wasn’t pleasant.

Then the black children in the apartment under mine started setting
fires, and I packed up. Most of the other white people had already fled.

This time, for the first time in my life, I considered race while I
was looking for a new home. I consulted maps of my city (a large city
in the Northeast, I think that’s all you need to know) that showed
crime rates and maps that showed ethnic mixes. Guess what? The more
nonwhite people, the more crime!

In my research, I came across several articles about how one of the
nearby counties was majority white. They made it sound like a nightmare
of Nazism and the oppression of women. That’s where I live now. Most of
my neighbors are white. There’s no loud music, no fires except when the
neighbors have a cookout, no drug deals going down. My car has never
been vandalized.

While I was looking at the houses in this neighborhood, I looked at
one that was nice, but needed a lot of repair. It had been vandalized
and there was graffiti all over the inside, etc. There were empty
liquor bottles in the back yard. I talked to a neighbor about it and he
said, “The people who lived here were Mexicans.” The house I ended up
taking had had thousands of dollars of repair work done since the last
people were evicted. For the first two months I was here, I got lots of
letters and phone calls to the previous occupants about unpaid bills.
Also, my next door neighbors on both sides were really nice to me once
they saw me and knew that a middle-class white person was moving in. I
heard a lot of stories about my predecessors’ loud parties, drinking,
litter, and vicious dogs. Finally, one day the previous residents
stopped by to ask if I’d received any mail for them. A white man and a
black woman, both of them scuzzy in the extreme.

Americans have become nomads because we keep having to move to get
away from the nonwhite people who are inflicted on us everywhere we go.
It’s as simple as that. It’s a huge waste of money.

And by the way, Thomas Sowell pointed out that we can’t blame this
on “conservatives”, who everybody knows are racist. (Note: sarcasm.) He
pointed out that white liberals are not buying the houses that white
conservatives flee from.

Here’s a few of the articles I came across when I was deciding to move, plus a few about the mortgage crisis:

Yes, the Community Reinvestment Act Really Did Help Cause the Housing Crisis

Plan to Insure Home Value Brings Chicago Racial Rift

Unique Chicago Program Eases Neighborhood Racial Tensions

When racial minorities started buying homes on Chicago’s
Southwest Side, residents of the formerly white enclave feared home
values would plunge. That prospect only worsened racial tensions.

Then the white residents created the Home Equity Assurance Program,
which allayed residents’ fears and created a model of how integration
should be carried out.

Note: both the previous articles are about the exact same program.

How Much Will You Pay To Live Near People Like You?

Using restricted-access Census data, a new study
examines a quarter-million households on a block-by-block basis to
yield new results about the correlation between household attributes
and school quality. The researchers find that, conditional on income,
households prefer to self-segregate on the basis of both race and

What is White Flight?

Here is one of the sites I
used for demographic information when I was looking for my new home. I
also used wikipedia and a lot of local government-run sites. They made
it challenging, but I did find out what I wanted to know: where the
white people were.

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Stupidity should be cured, says DNA discoverer


“If you are really stupid, I would call that a disease,”
says Watson, now president of the Cold Spring Harbour Laboratory, New
York. “The lower 10 per cent who really have difficulty, even in
elementary school, what’s the cause of it? A lot of people would like
to say, ‘Well, poverty, things like that.’ It probably isn’t. So I’d
like to get rid of that, to help the lower 10 per cent.”

Watson, no stranger to controversy, also suggests that genes
influencing beauty could also be engineered. “People say it would be
terrible if we made all girls pretty. I think it would be great.”

Geneticist Steve Jones, at University College London,
dismisses Watson’s comments about beauty as “daft”. “The concept of
beauty is a subjective one,” he told New Scientist.

Oh, please. If he’s a geneticist, he can’t really believe that. He’s only saying that to keep out of trouble.

Watson Was That Again? Still more on race and I.Q. By John Derbyshire

The truth content of the argument? Oh, that just gets
lost in the shouting. Who cares about truth when careers and money and
within-group status are at stake? Not many, I’m afraid; and most of
those who do care are quirky loner types that nobody much likes anyway.

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Crime and Race

The Diversity Recession by Steve Sailer
Diversity is Strength!—and a Massive Housing Crisis

A couple of crime-related links:

The Truth of Interracial Rape in the United States by Lawrence Auster

Like Ahab’s search for the Great White Whale, liberals’
search for the Great White Defendant is relentless and never-ending.
When, in 1988, Tawana Brawley’s and Al Sharpton’s then year-old
spectacular charge that several white men including prosecutor Steven
Pagones (whose name Brawley had picked out of a newspaper article) had
abducted and raped the 15 year old was shown to be completely false,
the Nation said it didn’t matter, since the charges expressed the
essential nature of white men’s treatment of black women in this
country. When the Duke University lacrosse players were accused of
raping a black stripper last year, liberals everywhere treated the
accusation as fact, because, just as with the Nation and Tawana
Brawley, the rape charge seemed to the minds of liberals to reflect the
true nature of oppressive racial and sexual relations in America.

Speaking of Auster, he’s mentioned in this hard-to-find article by Pat Buchanan.

And you can do your own exploration of race and crime at the Bureau of Justice.

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Race and Conservatism by John Derbyshire

As Pat Buchanan notes in his latest best-seller:
“Democrats had bedded down with segregationists for a century without
censure.” When Congress voted on the 1964 Civil Rights Act, Republicans
in both House and Senate said yea by about 80 percent to 20; among
Democrats, the votes went more like 60-40.

Alas, there is no justice in politics. Republicans got stuck as the
party of racial discrimination. Since racial discrimination soon came
to be seen as the most unspeakable of all evils, and since, from the
1970s on, most conservatives were Republicans, it is not very
surprising that conservatives don’t want to talk about race.

I can tell you a thing that has been considerably
forgotten now, flushed away down the memory hole. Here’s the thing. At
that time, everyone who supported the Civil Rights Movement—everyone,
absolutely everyone—assumed that the Movement would, if it succeeded,
lead to a more harmonious society, a society in which the races mingled
freely as equal citizens, a society in which race mattered to nobody
but the manufacturers of cosmetics. They, we, all assumed that if the
shackles of legal discrimination were removed, black Americans would
swiftly distribute themselves across America’s class, income, and
status structure in the same proportions as their white
fellow-citizens. Why should they not? Human beings form a single
biological species. Given a level playing field, any group should
perform as well as any other, in any kind of endeavor, shouldn’t it?

What a terrible disillusioning there has been! Things did not happen
in the least as we expected. True, there has been much improvement. Our
nation now has a flourishing black middle class. There is now no
obstacle to a capable black American, from any part of the country,
rising to any level, in any sphere or profession. The casual mocking
and insulting of black Americans by nonblack Americans has been shamed
out of our social life.

Yet the numbers did not come out right, not at all. With black
people at thirteen percent of our population, we should, if the dreams
of the Civil Rights Movement had come true, find that thirteen percent
of our engineers and airline pilots, thirteen percent of our
storekeepers, contractors, and entrepreneurs, thirteen percent of our
prisoners and unwed mothers, are black. This is not, of course, what we
find; and the numerical discrepancies are not of the kind called
“statistically insignificant.” Not at all. Not at all.

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Here’s a funny NYT article on the housing bust in Harlem.

In general, places that had strong fundamental value have not been
hit so hard by the bust as those where the developers and transplants
were betting on the idea that their supreme coolness would transform a
shithole into a metropolis.

He doesn’t even mention race and he still sees the problem – well, a large part of it.

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Popular Worries are Lame

Note: I originally wrote this several months ago, but was reminded of it last night. I was chatting with someone online and she said something about getting “gypped” – then immediately rebuked herself: “Oops, I’m not supposed to say that.”

I just came across a rant about how we shouldn’t use the word “lame” when not talking about someone who is differently abled because it’s offensive to those who are literally lame. The ranter is of the generation which frequently uses the word “lame” in slang fashion, so it’s an ingrained habit for her to flagellate herself about. She also apologized for her “skanky ableism issues” and swore she was “working on them”. And she told those of us who think that such worries are, you know, lame to eff ourselves in advance.

This inspired me to put in some effort on politically incorrect blogging before I go out.

Do you think an “Oreo” is just a cookie?

During the several years I taught in the minority
writing program, foreign students would often be allowed to join the
writing course in order to improve their English and composition
skills. Of these the Nigerian students were by far my favorites. Their
respect for scholarship, learning, and academic achievement was
unmatched. Their essays ranged in interest from international affairs
to advertising — and the quality of their work was excellent.

What fascinated me was how the classroom dynamic changed with the
addition of the students from Nigeria. The African-American students
looked at the coal black Nigerians like they had landed from Mars. For
their part, the Nigerians rarely showed any interest in the culture of
the black students on campus.

Genes contribute to patriotism and group loyalty

Racial Tension In A ‘Split Second’

These findings suggest that ingroup members are given a
“benefit of the doubt” following a brief delay in conversation.
However, this courtesy is not extended to members of other racial or
ethnic groups. In addition, these results offer direct experimental
evidence of just how fragile intergroup relations are when people are
first getting acquainted. This study also provides some insight into
why it is that attempting to regulate our behavior to ease tension in
interracial interactions can sometimes backfire.

African-American College Students Get Better Grades With White Roommate

Multiracial Identity Associated With Better Social And Personal Well-being

Many people assume that individuals who identify with
one race should be better off than multiracial individuals who identify
with a mixed race heritage. However, a new study in the Journal of
Social Issues found that students who reported they were from multiple
ethnic/racial groups were more engaged at school and felt better in
general than those who reported they were from a single group.

On several indicators (i.e. happiness, stress,
citizenship behavior, and school alienation), students who reported
they were from multiple groups were more engaged in school and felt
better than those who reported they were from a single group.

I find this highly dubious. Though considering how whiteness is
stigmatized these days, I can understand why mixed race students might
in some ways be less stressed than white ones.

Science Daily has a lot of interesting articles about race, despite some PC bias like the above. Example: A Face By Any Other Name: Seeing Racial Bias.

If Barack Obama had taken his mother’s surname and kept
his childhood nickname, American voters might literally see “Barry
Dunham” as a quite different presidential candidate, a new study
suggests. A name significantly changes our perception of someone’s face
and race, according to research in the journal, Perception.

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I did mention that I’m Jewish, right? Like, about 100 times already?

There’s plenty of antisemitic blogs where you can comment with your fantasies and prove your idiocy by citing Kevin McDonald as a reliable source. (I finally read his books to find out what in them had people snookered, and remain baffled. They are all full of internal contradictions and simple historical inaccuracies about things that are irrefutable, like the year that things happened in or basic factual details about historical figures. There are much more convincing sources of antisemitic thought, not all antisemites are are stupid as McDonald and his groupies, but I’m not going to list them because they are still completely wrong.)

You can also create your own blog where you weave your paranoid fantasies about Jews, unimpeded by anyone pointing out the gaping holes in your “logic” or dragging in inconvenient facts.

So if you want to air your delusions about us, don’t expect to see your comments approved here. A lot of my people have been MURDERED over the course of centuries because someone or other believed this load of bull. Why would I do anything to help perpetuate it?

Antisemites are their own special kind of crazy. They seem to genuinely expect anyone they meet to subscribe to their delusions. They are, or pretend to be, completely surprised when they encounter anyone who doesn’t. I’ve seen this in threads on blogs that have NOTHING to do with Jews, religion, or race. I used to read this one feminist blogger who complained that Holocaust deniers kept commenting, mansplaining it to her that the source of all the problems women have is The Jooz – in comments on posts she made that had no relation to anything connected with Judaism. You can probably find these nuts in the comments section on blogs about macrame.

Antisemites blame us for everything. They don’t stop at the mostly-Jewish Frankfort School, they blame us for everything they haven’t liked in all of history. If they don’t like Christianity, it’s our fault because Jesus and St. Paul were Jews. If they do like Christianity, it was our sneaky secularism that weakened it. Not long ago I came across the blog of a gay neo-Nazi Holocaust denier. He conceded reluctantly that the Nazis he idolizes did persecute gays… but, of course, their doing so is the fault of THE JOOZ. Yep, we’re even responsible for the actions of NAZIS.

If a few million nerds like us really could dominate billions of others – often in societies where we had no legal rights – then those others would deserve to be dominated. But we can’t and don’t.

In conclusion, don’t post here mansplaining to me that all I need to do is read the contradiction-riddled, error-laden blather of Kevin McDonald (again) to learn the true perfidy of my people and expect your comment to appear. There’s plenty of other places where you can spew that crap, do it somewhere else.

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